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EmpowR Community

EmpowR Community

EmpowR is a community emerging at the pace of trust with the constrictions of time, space, and resources presented by racial capitalism, rugged individualism, and economic, gender, and ability inequity. At the same time as we navigate these constrictions, we are committed to building the cultural conditions of belonging for collective liberation and moving forward the principles of transformative justice and emergent strategy.

The intention since its inception in 2019 is for EmpowR to become a collective network of healing justice activists, wellness practitioners, equity facilitators, social change driven educators, and transformative justice change makers who provide services and leadership across the arc of personal, organizational, and cultural transformation…and doing so with rooted relationship to the land base of Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary.

The vision for this manifestation continues with the formation of sustainable community to cultivate the space for relationship building that can lead to the formation of a collective impact network.

We are calling in collaborations, partnerships, sponsorships, and grants to bring viability to this vision while also working with the principles of community-centric fundraising.

To get involved, you are invited to join the EmpowR Community and participate in EmpowR programs to build relationships with each other and to foster inclusive community and co-creation. 

EmpowR Vermont Sunburst
A photo of co-creators in the EmpowR Community demonstrating connection weaving in a circle.

Our Story

EmpowR Transformation was birthed into being by founder Rae Carter in 2019 as a way to support the Great Turning—shifting from an industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization. As one small player in shared visions to heal ourselves to heal the world, Rae conceptualized EmpowR by weaving together her career background, lived experiences navigating a health crisis, and lifelong path of influencing transformation and challenging the status quo.

With deep intentionality, Rae began to build a container that could share the complexity of her gifts and depth of her vision for co-creating cultural conditions of belonging for New Earth. Determined to break free from the silo of entrepreneurship, Rae centers building relationships and community with people working towards similar visions and people with shared life purposes to be the change we want to see in the world.

EmpowR Vermont Sunburst
Rae Carter, EmpowR founder

Female Founder – Rae Carter

Rae Carter is a cultivator of emergence. She is a communication facilitator, culture builder, equity educator, and healing arts practitioner. She is both an intuitive and strategic systems thinker; a root cause analyst and an imaginative change maker. Rae is a writer, musician, herbalist, and caretaker of Mama Earth. She embodies evolution and is a teacher, guide, and student in all expressions of her work. 

In the human design system, Rae is a manifestor. 

EmpowR Vermont Sunburst

EmpowR Culture

EmpowR culture and values inform the social norms we encourage in all areas of our work.
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