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EmpowR founding cocreator and advisor, Saudia LaMont, and EmpowR founder and managing director, Rae Carter are moving forward with organizing the EmpowR Web of change makers. The EmpowR Transformation Web provides guidance and support to weave movement of EmpowR’s intentional work along the arc of personal, organizational, and cultural transformation for belonging, equity, and collective liberation.

Saudia and Rae acknowledge the activists, change makers, culture builders, and thought leaders whose work EmpowR moves forward. The visions for crafting EmpowR came from many directions and many people have been involved in shaping, reflecting, and offering insight to support building EmpowR’s foundation. Four years after being birthed by Rae, with the care of a beautifully diverse community, EmpowR is ready to transition into a more collaborative framework, after many trials and errors at relationship building, cultivating trust, navigating conflict, and excavating reciprocity in the realities of economic disadvantage living within the system of capitalism. Please stay tuned to learn more about our web of collaborators as we continue to move at the speed of trust.

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EmpowR Community

EmpowR Community

EmpowR is a community of evolving humans committed to building the cultural conditions of belonging for collective liberation.

We bring group awareness to the unlearning and relearning that supports personal and collective healing. EmpowR community members engage in embodied practices for emotional regulation, communal care, self awareness, and conflict management as ways to build community and movement for transformative justice.

  • Together we hold a heart-centered space that draws on our relationships with the natural world and each other.
  • Together we ripple weaving the threads for a more just and liberated world.
  • Together we are community in an emerging container to practice “the work.”

All identities are welcome and we recognize the personal work of self awareness and healing for collective liberation looks different based on our different identities AND we are all connected in our shared humanity.

To get involved, you are invited to participate in an EmpowR Transformation Community Building circle, join the EmpowR Community (community building circles are included), and/or participate in EmpowR programs to build relationships with each other and cultivate inclusive community. 

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A photo of co-creators in the EmpowR Community demonstrating connection weaving in a circle.

Our Story

EmpowR Transformation was birthed into being by founder Rae Carter in 2019 as a way to support the Great Turning—shifting from an industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization. As one small player in many shared visions to heal the heart of humanity, Rae conceptualized EmpowR by weaving together her career background, lived experiences navigating a health crisis, and lifelong path of influencing transformation and challenging the status quo.

With deep intentionality, Rae began to build a container that could share the complexity of her gifts and depth of her vision for cocreating cultural conditions of belonging for New Earth. Determined to break free from the silo of entrepreneurship, Rae centers building relationships and community with people working towards similar visions and people with shared life purposes to be the change we want to see in the world.

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EmpowR Culture

EmpowR culture and values inform the social norms we encourage in all areas of our work.
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