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The EmpowR Voice Blog features the voices of women standing in their power by speaking their truths. Perspectives challenge the status quo, advocate for changes to dominant culture, and embrace the vulnerability of sharing lived experiences to encourage healing, compassion, inclusion, equity, justice, and liberation.

How the Burning Times of Witches Influences White Women Culture Today

A revealing look at how white women’s trauma responses to the Christian Church’s genocide of European women has unraveled, over time, into the energies that perpetuate the toxicity of white supremacy culture. An exploration into how white women taking personal responsibility for these behaviors contributes to personal and collective healing, emotional and spiritual health, and dismantling racism and oppression.

August 10th, 2021|

The Public Relations of Racism: Decolonizing Leadership

The harms of white supremacy culture are upheld by wealthy, white, privileged leaders, organizations, and institutions. Justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion work lies in decolonizing leadership and it is time to pass the torch in decision making to a full diversity of people with marginalized identities.

June 16th, 2021|


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