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To Raise the Impact of Our Voices for Change

EmpowR is a communication, facilitation, empowerment, and healing navigation approach, practice, and set of services. Rae empowers people and organizations to bridge into this transformational decade with synchronicity in communication and purpose. EmpowR is the inspired culmination of Rae Carter’s transformational cancer healing journey, her 20-year career in communications, the diversity of her expertise and knowledge, and a vision she shares with many that compassion is the path to healing our humanity and restoring balance on the Earth.

Rae supports the expanding web of healing by encouraging empowerment through integration and collaboration. She co-creates content and experiences; weaves connectivity between diverse audiences; and navigates illumination of the voice, impact of stories, and resilience of spirit.

A Conversation with Rae

EmpowR is a heart-centered creation of how I radiate my light and life purpose during the time I am blessed to experience here on Earth. A breast cancer diagnosis in January 2018 served as a catalyst for change which ultimately created the space for me to envision EmpowR. A healing journey of mind, body, and spirit transformed my worldview and continues to shape my experiences with wholehearted integration into weaving with others who share similar visions.

While navigating a sacred path to health and wellness, I aligned with my life purpose to nurture humanity and the Earth. I reclaimed my authenticity as a woman of powerful feminine energy and creativity. I began the process of unpacking ancestral trauma and learning how I can offer the gifts of my voice to support individual, organizational, and cultural healing so we can raise the impact of our voices for social change and cultural transformation. Empowering new voices to speak their truths and encouraging different perspectives to be heard supports changing the wealth and power dynamics that dominate white supremacy culture so we can collectively advance healing, acceptance, compassion, justice, equity, and liberation.

I started EmpowR because I am called to co-create, deepen relationships, strengthen alignment, build community, hold space, and embrace my feminine power to support systemic change to dismantle patriarchal oppression by empowering new voices to rise and encouraging others to listen.

It is with vulnerability and courage, knowledge and wisdom, energy and magic that I invite you into the weaving of EmpowR.

The learning opportunities I experienced during my health crisis liberated me to the practice of gratitude and opened the pathways for healing. When the world was very dark for me, it was learning, unlearning, and relearning that opened the space for me to connect deeply with my heart. I began to listen to and trust my intuition as a guide and in doing so drastically altered my perspectives on how I can contribute to a changing world and honor my life purpose.

By discovering how to speak my truth and advocate for my needs from a place of compassion for myself, humanity, and the Earth, the path to empowerment and raising consciousness revealed itself. I am so grateful to be able to assimilate the knowledge I learned while navigating a cancer diagnosis to the business, practice, approach, and services of EmpowR.

Voice & Somatics: I completed Voice, Movement & Somatic Movement, a Voice Incorporated course, which integrated somatic movement and theories with my background in vocal performance and public speaking and my personal throat chakra healing approach. The connection between the voice, healing, and movement is a guiding EmpowR principle.

Reiki: I earned certifications as a Reiki I and Reiki II Practitioner in the Usui System of Reiki Healing; studying with both Central Vermont Reiki and Lightheart Healing Arts. The universal life force healing techniques of Reiki are woven throughout EmpowR services.

Earth-based Spirituality: I am in continuous study of Earth-based indigenous teachings and spiritual practices of the divine feminine which guide the EmpowR facilitation style to hold safe space for conversations and dialogues within a sacred circle that honors all voices and perspectives. I actively engage in ways to become indigenous to place at the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary. I also became an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church and offer spiritual and ceremonial guidance as opportunities present.

Mindfulness: I completed the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and include many of the principles in the practice of EmpowR as well as integrating ongoing changes to my daily life.

Root Causes: I am interested in efforts that identify, address, and work to heal the root causes of social and health issues. My approach has always focused on depth and taking the long view. The cancer diagnosis offered the opportunity to work with a geneticist breast cancer specialist to analyze the toxins in my body with my genetic data to understand the mitochondrial DNA mutations which led to the cause of cancer in my body. Our bodies are microcosms of what is taking place in the outer world and the health issues we face as people are directly connected to how we treat each other and the planet. Imbalance is a universal root cause and COVID 19 presents the opportunity to emphasize sustainability over growth, compassion for our shared humanity, and a recalibration of our relationship with our bodies and the Earth.

White Supremacy Culture: I am committed to the lifelong journey of becoming an anti-racist, decolonizing my white-centric worldview, and working to upend systemic racism and it’s intersectionality with all forms of oppression and injustice. This journey began for me as I studied my DNA which led to revealing ancestral/oppressor trauma and opened the floodgates for connecting my personal healing with that of humanity and the racist and patriarchal systems of oppression that are the root cause of the majority of suffering in this country.

Plant Medicine: I deepened my longtime personal study with plant medicine—growing, processing, and creating herbal remedies for my specific health needs. I share my knowledge through writing and workshops and am studying The Science and Art of Herbalism, Rosemary Gladstar’s Certification Course as I further integrate herbalism into EmpowR.

Healing Sanctuary: My partner Mitch and I are transitioning the small-scale homestead we operate in Vermont into the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary as a way to share knowledge, experiences, and building relationship with the Earth. Healing sanctuary spaces and practices are integrated into the EmpowR approach and services. We hold healing retreats and community circles to help others navigate healing and empowerment.

I am deeply grateful for the entire cancer journey, all of the lessons I continue to learn, the myriad of beautiful support I received, and the people with whom I weave magic.

My career spans a lifetime dedicated to communicating with people, disseminating information, educating the public sentiment, developing an understanding of human behavior, and navigating change.

As a young girl and teenager growing up in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, I advocated for peers who didn’t have a voice and naturally gravitated to informing the local newspaper about positive events taking place at the school or a offering a different perspective from the negative media spin. For many years I worked as a Girl Scout camp counselor, a role that shifted into a residential treatment counselor with youth requiring clinical, psychological and special education services. I attended Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Organizational Communication as well as a Certificate in Vocal Performance. I interned at the local Girl Scout Council which helped me secure a job as the Teen Program Manager at the Nashville, Tennessee Girl Scout Council where I managed programs for 3,000 middle- and high school-aged girls and coordinated 1,200 adult volunteers.

In 2000 I moved to Vermont so I could reconnect with my Western European ancestry and their roots on this continent in the Green Mountains and Quebec. I worked as a chambermaid and temped for a technology company until I secured my first marketing position at an insurance company. My career trajectory in full motion, I was hired at a full service marketing agency in Burlington, Vermont, where I became the Director of Public Relations.

In 2006 I opened the public relations, social media, and grassroots marketing firm, Rachel Carter PR, working with Vermont clients in agriculture, tourism, food, finance, education, consumer service, government municipality, and nonprofit sectors. During this time I taught the two 400-level public relations courses at Champlain College, was recognized as one of the first social media innovators and bloggers in the state, and presented on social media marketing extensively for several years. In 2008 I was recognized as the Vermont Young Careerist of the Year and in 2010 was named a Vermont Business Magazine Rising Star in its inaugural year. I authored three blogs at the time which led to a variety of journalism opportunities including co-authoring Vermont: An Explorer’s Guide (Countryman Press).

In 2013 I closed Rachel Carter PR to serve as the Communications Director at the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund where I facilitated marketing collaboration among businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to elevate sustainable economic development in Vermont green economy market sectors. I facilitated the creation, development, launch, and early stage implementation of the Vermont Farm to Plate Network’s Rooted in Vermont grassroots movement to increase consumer demand of local food in Vermont by bridging consumers with different value systems around a common love for local food in whatever way is accessible to their lifestyle and values. Rooted in Vermont succeeded in surpassing the legislative goal to increase local food consumption three years ahead of schedule. Additionally I provided strategic communication and marketing direction and delivery for Vermont food system, bioenergy, climate economy, and forest product initiatives, as well as the Flexible Capital Fund and Slow Money Vermont investment platforms to support Vermont working landscape sectors. This work concluded in 2018 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors with Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and volunteer with the Stowe Weekend of Hope, Vermonters Taking Action Against Cancer, Central Vermont Medical Center Cancer Center, Kindred Connections, and the Vermont Reiki Association. I am active in several vision councils with people committed to creating a future where humanity is more in balance with the Earth. As a singer, I perform with the Barre Rock City Chorus and the Hygge Den music collective—producer of EmpowR healing music and meditations available in the EmpowR Patreon Community.

I am grateful for the wholeness a health crisis brought to my heart. I am healthy and offer the approach and services of EmpowR with grace, joy, inspiration, and most of all—gratitude.

EmpowR is a social enterprise for a new era and partially relies on financial support through our Patreon Community from people who believe in EmpowR’s mission to raise the impact of our voices for change.

I engage in a diversity of volunteer efforts and uncompensated projects that encourage empowerment and healing in our society and am also committed to supporting people in vulnerable populations who need services that are often not financially accessible.

Employment opportunities and organizational budgets are limited in providing financial compensation for the level of social change work and humanitarian efforts needed to transform our culture to one of love, hope, dignity, and respect for all people, especially now following the effects of COVID 19. I recognize that cultural transformation requires people to step into new roles, take risks, and challenge the status quo, much of which is work that is not accompanied by an income.

By joining the EmpowR Patreon Community, you are fueling work that matters to you as an active participant in supporting the EmpowR mission. Your Patreon membership helps pay for:

  • Social change commentary and content published on the EmpowR Voice Blog.
  • Healing communities and workshop convenings to support individual and cultural healing; scholarships for people struggling with financial insecurity to attend.
  • Ability for EmpowR to offer healing navigation and empowerment coaching services on a sliding fee scale to be accessible for anyone who needs support.
  • Creation and publication of guided meditations and healing music—available first to the Patreon community.
  • Rae’s participation in leadership capacities as a voice for socio-economic equity, health equity, inclusion, and holistic medicine perspectives with Vermonters Taking Action Against Cancer, Stowe Weekend of Hope, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.
  • Rae’s engagement in bridge building and advocacy work to address cancer prevention, holistic health, social change, and environmental justice as a member of several vision councils and a knowledge resource for others working in heart-centered social change.

Other ways to offer support include subscribing to the EmpowR Voice newsletter and engaging with @RaeCarterEmpowR on social media channels by liking, commenting, and sharing the content far and wide.

EmpowR Collaborators

Mitch Pauley

Mitch Pauley

Mitch Pauley is an empath, special education teacher, musician, and land steward. He supports EmpowR as Rae’s life partner and ally to the mission. Mitch facilitates the EmpowR Men’s Community and co-hosts events with Rae. He is responsible for care taking the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary land in Plainfield, Vermont and oversees organic herb production and forest management. Mitch also manages the Hygge Den music collective, a downtempo music project, which also produces background tracks for EmpowR content.

Stacy Burnett

Mellonee Pauley

Mellonee Pauley is a light and energy worker who supports EmpowR with her elder wisdom and healing modalities. Mellonee facilitates with Rae and Mitch at in-person retreats and online events. She is also a musician and creates healing music and meditations for EmpowR content and also plays with the Hygge Den music collective.

“Rae is a person who brings together a unique package of vision, values, wisdom, experience, and skills. Combined with the powerful cancer healing journey she’s been on, this allows her to offer an array of services with a deep commitment to helping people and organizations to make the change that they seek.”

~ Eric Becker, Clean Yield Asset Management

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