Professional Development Sessions

One-on-One Equity-Centered Coaching, Communication & Visioning Support

One-on-one professional growth sessions are offered to people seeking support in work and careers with a distinct commitment to equity coaching. Sessions include equity education coaching, leadership development, communication and relationship skill building, and personal antiracism work.

Sessions can draw from any area of EmpowR consulting services expertise and are inclusive of trauma responsive emotional support. Designed based on your intentions, sessions meet you at your transformation entry points and hold space for both radical empathy and accountability.

Sessions Can Include, and, Are Not Limited To:

  • Professional growth sessions can help you unpack constriction in transformation work and how behaviors show up as energetic and emotional blocks in your professional relationships and leadership growth.
  • Build capacity to expand your growth in understanding racial, class, gender, and ability equity through a trauma responsive lens.
  • Examine how white supremacy culture shows up in your words, actions, and perspectives and create new patterns to shift behavior in interpersonal communication, social norm participation, and power dynamics to influence organizational culture shifts in your workplace.
  • Strengthen your interpersonal, emotional intelligence, and relationship building skills.
  • Navigate organizational communication growth and program emergence.
  • Visioning, community, and coalition building support for your next venture.
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Session Details

Sessions are offered online via Zoom.
Sessions are 1 hour and cost $100.

Pay with a credit card when you schedule.
Send a message if you need to make different payment arrangements.

Sessions are offered by EmpowR Transformation founder, Rae Carter.
Be prepared to answer a few questions when you schedule to help Rae prepare for your session.


EmpowR Sunburst
“I learned about EmpowR when I was seeking professional development in the area of group facilitation and communication. My first session with Rae was not what I expected, but her skills in guided meditation illuminated a whole new way of looking at professional development. At the conclusion of the session, I was able to understand how white supremacist culture shapes so many of my professional and personal behaviors and perspectives, despite the decades of time I’ve spent as a racial justice advocate. This experience led me to enroll in an EmpowR White Women’s Accountable Circle, which offered a focused and deeper dive into processing the ways in which many of us show up in ways that run counter to the kind of community we envision creating, and the kind of behaviors we want to embody. I am looking forward to continuing my work with Rae and am finding that her offerings and practice go deep and wide, so there is something for everyone and I’d highly recommend EmpowR.”

~ Liz, Burlington, VT