Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary

Welcome to a Healing Sanctuary in the Forest

Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary is named after the 200+ year old Black Cherry Tree who stands majestically in the heart of the sanctuary. The land has been lovingly stewarded by Rae Carter and Mitch Pauley since 2013 with intentional care to cultivating organic and wildcrafted medicinal plants, tending to spacious tree diversity, creating portals in elemental magic sacred spaces, encouraging the growth of a robust mycelium network, and inviting relationship with wildlife and beings beyond the earthly realms on 7 acres of generous, healing land.

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Cocreating spaces for a generous cycle of reciprocity and emergence of private land being accessible for community building, collective healing, and remembering our sacred connection to our own bodies, each other, the Earth & the realm of supernatural, ancestral & cosmic relations—as we weave the threads of collective liberation in ways that are mutually supportive to generating new ways of living & being together.

From Vision to Reality!

*NEW* for 2024!

  • Full collection of herbal remedies & spiritual medicines all made from organic sanctuary grown & wild crafted plants—fire cider, elderberry syrup, bug spray, several balms, mouthwash, bath energy cleanse, tinctures, witch protection/power spray, ancestral recovery spritz—over a dozen potions we have been crafting with care for many years. Currently available for purchase at the Plainfield Farmers Market and through the EmpowR Community Patreon membership.
  • AirBnB studio apartment for rent starting spring of 2024 that can double as a music studio for live improv and Hygge Den music collective cocreations
  • Remote campsite rental for safe, mystical camping adventures or family getaways starting spring of 2024
  • Therapeutic outside or inside space for healing sessions in grief work, Reiki, sound healing, witch awakening & other medicinal modalities to support evolution and trauma healing
  • Retreat space for groups, organizations & EmpowR Transformation programs and consulting
  • Herbal sanctuary cultivated in integrity with United Plant Savers, homestead member of the Northeast Organic Farmers Association (NOFA-VT), and becoming a certified natural wildlife habitat with the National Wildlife Federation


Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary is located on N’dakinna land, the ancestral homeland of the Abenaki First Nation People, situated below the western slopes of Spruce Mountain with land lines connecting to the Groton State Forest. Seven acres of open and wooded forest is in a regeneration and renewal process from the more recent history of farming and its roots in colonization. The sanctuary was an idea originally called into being by the trees, who share their generous wisdom about cocreating relationships of reciprocity and building community. 

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