Relationships, Values & Cultural Conditions

Relationships and trust are the foundation of EmpowR culture. Relationships and trust with ourselves, with each other, with everyone we support, with all who nourish us, with Mama Earth, and with the energies of the universe. The power of relationships are the basis for building a community to cocreate cultural conditions of belonging and spark magic together.

Our Values

  • relationships of reciprocity with ourselves, each other, and the Earth
  • building trust as the foundation of healthy relationships and collaboration
  • holistic practices that recognize the interconnectedness of the physical body, emotional and mental health, spirituality and belief systems, interpersonal relationships, and awakening consciousness as ALL interdependent to influence our well-being
  • embodied living of the wholeness of our experiences and how our experiences influence behavior and culture
  • self responsibility for understanding and healing ourselves; connecting personal healing work to ancestral healing and the broader relationship to collective healing
  • centering racial equity and the intersectionality with class, gender, ability, and other facets of marginalization based on identity
  • vulnerability and compassion; deep listening and honest communication
  • working with open hearts and non-judgement—of any identity; believing the lived experiences of people regardless of how much they might differ from our own
  • shared learning, unlearning, relearning
  • magic and ceremony
  • JOY

Cultural Conditions We Build Movement Towards

EmpowR cultural conditions

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