Co-Creating Personal & Cultural Transformation

Centering Healing & Social Justice
Services and education are designed to empower and affect heart-centered change in our personal lives and cultures to make space for healthier bodies and a more inclusive, just, and compassionate society.
EmpowR facilitation, healing navigation, culture change, intuitive counsel, and workshops support individual, community, organizational,  institutional, and societal transformation for collective liberation.
Vision, guidance and approaches for how we heal and co-create together…
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Healing Humanity Begins with Healing Ourselves

EmpowR shares a vision with many that healing ourselves is the path to transforming our culture to one of love, hope, dignity, and respect for us all, with integrity to our relationship with the soil, water, and air that give us life. As we engage in personal and ancestral healing work, we restore compassion for ourselves and with each other. As we learn to listen, we unlearn the expectations of dominant society and relearn how to live in reciprocity with the Earth.

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Support for Your Healing Journey

Our bodies want to heal. Understanding the body, mind, emotional, and spiritual connection to dis-ease and trauma is both empowering and revealing. Nurturing support to help you navigate your personal healing, recovery, and transformation—by connecting with your intuition—can help you reclaim your power, advocate for your needs, and find balance between conventional and holistic health care.

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Co-Conspiring to Change Culture

Culture is informed by patterns of behavior over time. When we take responsibility for changing our individual and collective behavior, we can then influence culture. EmpowR co-creates at the intersection of healing and social justice, and how we weave new perspectives, narratives, and norms for collective liberation.

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Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Facilitation

Slowing down our pace to make space for deep listening, vulnerable conversations, and centering non-dominant perspectives is how dialogue can affect compassionate change. EmpowR facilitation design and delivery offers an adaptive, embodied circle process style that invites the integration of shared learning into practice.  EmpowR emphasizes community-centered approaches that address layers of complexity in racial justice, race/gender/class equity, and inclusion of a diversity of impacted voices.

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Educational Offerings with the EmpowR Community

Learning, unlearning, and relearning shift our perspectives—paving a path for healing and culture change. Open your heart, deepen your knowledge, embrace healing, spark transformation, and connect in community with an EmpowR educational experience. Workshops and programs are safely offered online and in nature.

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Healing with the Land

Reawakening our sacred relationship to the Earth and learning to live in reciprocity with the cycles of Nature opens more space for healing and repairing harm. Reclaiming our nurturing energy and remembering the wisdom that lives in our bodies are some of the most empowering ways to approach individual and collective healing. The EmpowR container is held by the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont.

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EmpowR Founder, Rae Carter

EmpowR was birthed by Rae Carter during and following a life-altering cancer, trauma, and health crisis to hold the container for her soul’s work to be in service to humanity and the planet. Rae’s personal story of healing and transformation ignited a deep-rooted magic to reclaim her feminine power to heal from dis-ease, speak her truth, and advocate for a vision to heal the heart of humanity.

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Seek Counsel with a Wise Woman

Questions, challenges, opportunities, and emotions arise from tremendous change. As energies blur between our personal and professional lives, wisdom can be found in surprising new ways. As a bridge builder, change maker, and web weaver, Rae offers supportive and revealing dialogues to help you listen to your heart, trust your intuition, see from a new perspective, connect with your inner voice, and identify next steps to change both yourself and your situation.

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A Voice with Vision and Perspective

The intersectionality between individual and collective healing, ancestral trauma and racism, how the toxicity of patriarchal white dominance harms us all, and healing our humanity by living in reciprocity with the Earth are rich and complex topics. Rae speaks about the depth of transformation with grace, courage, vulnerability, and sparks of magic that draw from her owned lived experiences and transformation.

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“Rae Carter is a human of high integrity committed to authentic, wholehearted living—with a mission to help others activate their gifts for social change and cellular healing.”

~ Marybeth Redmond, Vermont State Legislator