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EmpowR Events & Educational Programs

EmpowR events and educational programs offer people the opportunity to participate in and embody how we co-create a culture of empathy, healing, community, and accountability centered in equity and belonging.

Innovative educational programming is co-created with facilitators, educators, healers, and change makers to hold space for shared learning, unlearning and relearning, deep listening, changing perspectives, embodying equity, practicing anti-racism, fostering belonging, cultural behavior shifts, and personal health and soul growth. 

EmpowR events and programs are offered online via Zoom and in nature at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont.

All of our programs are open to the public and by participating you are welcomed into the growing EmpowR Community!

Circle process facilitation demonstrated with an altar at an EmpowR event.

Equity & Belonging in Interpersonal & Organizational Communication

Equity & Belonging in Interpersonal & Organizational Communication Retreat

A Full Day Professional Development Retreat in Nature
for People Working in Communication, Outreach & Organizational Development

This innovative EmpowR retreat will disrupt assumptions, create the space for reflection, and build capacity towards emergence into new ways of approaching communication that are equitable, inclusive, and just for internal and external audiences of an organization.

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Wellness, Work & Weaving

Wellness, Work & Weaving Retreat

An in-person nature retreat for people working in and committed to racial justice and social equity

Retreat to support the ways we transition into making time and space for how we integrate personal care, communal care, meaningful relationships, and coalition building into our work to co-create embodied anti-racist culture centered in humanity, equity, and belonging for collective liberation.

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Equity Integration Retreats

EmpowR Equity Integration Retreats for Organizations

Nature-based retreats for groups and teams to embody shared learning and
in depth understanding of equity for integration into personal life and organizational culture 

Co-created with organizations, these retreats support organizational implementation of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging planning, trainings, and education. By slowing down the process of intellectual download, the retreats create space for team members to feel and experience unlearning and relearning in the body. Facilitation focuses on new ways of looking at the work organizations are undertaking and the challenges that present obstacles to moving equity work forward.

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Accountability in Anti-Racism

EmpowR Accountability in Anti-Racism program

Examination into how racialization in whiteness perpetuates racism in all of its expressions
(institutional, structural, cultural, personal).

Together, in community, white identifying facilitators and participants embark on an unlearning and relearning journey of vulnerability, courage, and personal responsibility. We will dynamically explore how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable about race, whiteness, and our own intersectionalities with oppression so we can more effectively influence systemic change. We will dive deep into how we can and must personally participate in the movement towards racial justice and how we hold ourselves accountable for shifting away from white dominant social norms to break cycles of racism and oppression.

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Seating for an EmpowR event dialogue circle at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont
“For a long time as an activist, I have been fueled by anger, ego, and fear of the future. I got involved in EmpowR programs and community soon after COVID hit while being forced to slow down. My engagement with EmpowR and time at the Sanctuary helped me grapple with the pain and anxiety that clouded me by helping me re-center myself in love, hope, and learning how to feel grounded. I am eternally grateful for EmpowR and the powerful and magical culture we are weaving in community!”

~ Madeleine D, a Vermont Educator

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