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Mia Moore Vermont

Mia (she/her) is the owner and principal at Mia Moore Consulting, working with managers and executives to lead their teams in ways that are human-centered, inclusive, and results-oriented. She is passionate about using strong, supportive management and organizational systems in the work for equity and justice. 

She works one-on-one with leaders who are looking to improve their skills in communication (both sharing and listening), collaboration, decision-making, and building their awareness of the impact their actions have on others. She works with teams to increase their capacity for collaboration, whether that means improved communication or co-creating better tools, or a bit of both.

Mia has spent her career in pursuit of justice—ending the corruption of big money in politics; establishing sustainable renewable energy; supporting citizens advocating for their rights over powerful, polluting companies; and working for a democracy that truly represents each one of us. However, it wasn’t until about ten years ago that she began to truly understand what it means to work for justice for everyone, regardless of identity. As a white woman spearheading equitable organizational change, she has grappled with her own assumptions, unlearning, and complicity in institutionalized racism. As someone living in the upper middle class of a racially capitalist country, she is constantly working on what reparation looks like. As an organizer, fundraiser, manager, executive, and coach she has failed, stumbled, and soared (though not in equal measure). She brings these experiences into coaching leaders and supporting organizations to effect change through practices that are empowering, trust-building, and equitable.

As a Montpelier Roxbury School Board member, Mia uses her listening skills, empathetic reasoning, and belief in the good in all of us to bring together multiple perspectives for big, sometimes difficult decisions. She brings this first-hand experience into her coaching and consulting frequently, as it helps her understand what her clients are grappling with.

Mia believes leadership means listening, learning, humility, and collaboration. One of the most damaging myths of being a leader is the assumption that they need to know all the answers when in fact saying “I don’t know, let’s figure it out together” is much more effective and powerful. She strives for both clarity and vulnerability in her own communication; and she is constantly looking to learn and grow.

Mia believes everyone—regardless of skin color, gender identity, class status, religion, love, or physical abilities—deserves their chance to thrive. She used to believe that could go without saying, but it does need to be articulated, because we’ve got work to do to dismantle the institutional barriers keeping that from happening and we can’t change what we can’t see.

Mia believes in making mistakes. As Shakira says “Nobody learns without getting it wrong.”

Mia is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and spent her early career organizing and fundraising around the US with CALPIRG, the Fund for Public Interest, and Toxics Action Center. Ten years with Democracy for America were not only fulfilling in the work to support progressive candidates for elected office, they were also a time and place where she learned her biggest lessons in developing and leading an organization in ways that are both inclusive and results-oriented. Eventually, love brought her to unceded Abenaki land in Vermont. Here, she and her husband are working on raising their three kiddos to be kind, compassionate, aware of their privileges, and optimistic.

Mia Moore facilitating a larger group in a conference room.

I commit and recommit myself to the rich, challenging, rewarding work of social and racial justice because we all deserve to live in a world that is safe, hopeful, and kind. I believe that the most valuable thing we can do when the problems in the world feel insurmountable is connect with each other and care about each other on a human level. And the impact of those connections and caring will ripple out beyond our community to heal our fellow humans far and wide.

~ Mia Moore

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