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The EmpowR Community
Cultivating Belonging for Collective Liberation

The EmpowR Community is an offering to humans who are navigating paths of healing, transformation, and evolution for a just and liberated world. We explore new ways of being in relationship with ourselves, each other, and Mama Earth as foundational to being the change we want to see in the world to heal the heart of humanity. 

We are diverse in age, ability, gender and sexual identity, race and cultural identity, class and economic mobility, and location. While many of us are located in Vermont, we encourage people from other places to build connection with us on N’dakinna land. The EmpowR Community convenes online and in person at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary—a healing sanctuary in a small forest in the Green Mountains of Vermont on the traditional lands of Abenaki People. You can learn about how we engage in reparations here

Is EmpowR Community for You?

We are humans of all identities seeking new ways of being in relationship with ourselves, each other, and the planet; learning how to be in community with each other.

EmpowR Community may be for you if you also identify as…

  • Activists and change makers who seek belonging in community that bridges the arc of healing and social justice, who want to be a part of building cultural conditions where people can thrive in their individual identities and wholeness and where everyone’s gifts can contribute to building the just and liberated world we seek.
  • Career folx who face resistance in dominant systems and institutions working towards racial, gender, class, and ability justice, who may be struggling with burnout, mental health challenges, and moral injury because of status quo constriction, and seek support in community to maintain the personal work and to build resilience to speak up and step out.
  • Educators who face status quo restriction, structural racism, classism/elitism, and deep exhaustion and seek ways out of educational system isolation by building support networks for personal and systemic change.
  • Elders who are as interested in learning as they are in sharing wisdom and who want to help shape what new roles of elder hood can look like in community.
  • Healing practitioners who are also on healing paths, work with emerging therapies and Earth medicines, are consciously navigating the complexity of cultural appropriation, and actively work with racial and social trauma responsiveness including being committed to resistance of spiritually bypassing the experiences of people with more marginalized identities.
  • Parents who are actively changing behavioral patterns to raise children who can bring forth new cultural conditions of acceptance, autonomy, belonging, consent, and communal care.
  • People who are in recovery from illness, addiction, abuse, trauma, dis-ease and seek community and solidarity in the awakening process that can happen when presented with a path of healing out of pain and suffering, contributing to the ability to see multiple layers of truth around root causes of violence.
  • People who are exploring Earth-based spiritual practices and ancestral recovery in direct relationship to personal and collective healing from white dominance cultural norms and the capitalistic conditioning of consumption, extraction, and fear.
  • Young people who are finding their purpose, have amazing ideas, and want to build diverse community and cultivate leadership skills.
Membership Benefit Levels Offer:
  • Opportunities to build relationship and community with each other.
  • Ways to receive and offer magic and healing to the land.
  • Co-create ways to cultivate the sanctuary into a four-season retreat and respite space for expanded community use.
  • Co-create future EmpowR Transformation offerings.
  • Receive holistic care and spiritual medicine from EmpowR founder Rae Carter to support your path of healing, relationship and community building, and consciousness evolution.

EmpowR Community Members agree to a set of shared values and cultural conditions and engage EmpowR Dialogue Agreements in how we communicate and participate together in community.

In our journeys to be our whole selves, to be seen and heard in our magic, and loved for our individual gifts and how they contribute to transformative justice, may the EmpowR Community be a place of belonging as it aligns for you, your intuition, and your sovereignty as a human being.

The EmpowR Community has been an emergent process that began in 2019 and is an integral part of catalyzing EmpowR Transformation’s mission to build capacity to co-create cultural conditions of belonging, equity, and collective liberation. You can learn more about the EmpowR story here

EmpowR community

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EmpowR Vermont Sunburst

Awareness Amplifier Opportunity

Help raise awareness about EmpowR’s offerings and receive herbal remedies and magical medicines as a reciprocal exchange.

EmpowR Vermont Sunburst

Herbalism Entrepreneur Apprenticeship

Organic and wild medicinal plants are well-established at the Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary with space to expand growing, harvesting, and medicine making practices. A new Herbalism Entrepreneur Apprenticeship is being offered to explore co-creating an herb farm.

grandmother cherry sanctuary herb farm
“For a long time as an activist, I have been fueled by anger, ego, and fear of the future. I got involved in EmpowR programs and community soon after COVID hit while being forced to slow down. My engagement with EmpowR and time at the Sanctuary helped me grapple with the pain and anxiety that clouded me by helping me re-center myself in love, hope, and learning how to feel grounded. I am eternally grateful for EmpowR and the powerful and magical culture we are weaving in community!”

~ Madeleine D, a Vermont Educator

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