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The EmpowR Community
Cultivating Belonging for Collective Liberation

The EmpowR Community is an offering to humans who are navigating paths of healing, transformation, and evolution for a just and liberated world.

We explore new ways of being in relationship with ourselves, each other, and the planet.

We learn how to embody values for collective liberation.

We practice behavior change and pattern shifting for transformative justice and emergent strategy.

And we do this with radical empathy for each other.

We are diverse in age, ability, gender and sexual identity, race and cultural identity, class and economic mobility, and location. While many of us are located in Vermont, we encourage people from other places to build connection with us on N’dakinna land. The EmpowR Community convenes online and in person at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary—a healing sanctuary in a small forest in the Green Mountains of Vermont on the ancestral lands of Abenaki People. You can learn about how we engage in reparations here

What EmpowR Community Members Are Saying…

“Being a part of the EmpowR Community has been a transformative experience for me, both personally and professionally. It provides me with a supportive network of individuals who share my commitment to racial and gender justice, fostering personal growth, and a sense of belonging with people who are trying to create change. Everyone’s participation matters and it is fulfilling to be a part of a community dedicated to collective healing and repair.”

“My participation in EmpowR Community allows me to stay connected to the challenging inner and outer work that being antiracist requires; and that for me, can be really easy to run away from. This community gives me a place where I can hold myself accountable to show up, and to practice what I’m learning and who I’m becoming without judgment. The community has helped push me beyond my comfort zone with genuine care and connection.”

“Joining the EmpowR Community gives me a space, both virtually on our monthly zoom calls and physically with access to Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary land and events, to be and practice expressing my true and authentic self. I find freedom in the group container to practice anti-oppression in ways that help me unwind colonization within the way I act, think, and feel in my body, mind and spirit. While at the same time feeling safe enough to bring all parts of myself including the practical, emotional, and magical.”

“Being a member of the EmpowR Community has an enormous benefit to me, especially as white man. It helps me to be accountable in my words and actions, and helps to foster growth in kind and reciprocal relationships. I believe the ripples of what takes place in EmpowR Community gatherings benefit all of our broader communities as a whole from the learning and unlearning that takes place when we bear witness together in shared space.”

“For a long time as an activist, I have been fueled by anger, ego, and fear of the future. I got involved in EmpowR programs and community soon after COVID hit while being forced to slow down. My engagement with EmpowR Community and time at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary helped me grapple with the pain and anxiety that clouded me by helping me re-center myself in love, hope, and learning how to feel grounded. I am eternally grateful for EmpowR and the powerful and magical culture we are weaving in community!”

Membership Benefits:
  • Choose a Patreon membership level that aligns for your needs and budget.
  • You will receive personal benefits for your path of healing, relationship nurturing, and community building.
  • Membership benefits support you at wherever you are on your healing, awakening, and/or consciousness evolution journey.
  • The reciprocity of your support cycles back to community building efforts in Vermont to keep transformative justice conversations moving forward.

EmpowR Community Members agree to a set of shared values and cultural conditions and engage EmpowR Dialogue Agreements in how we communicate and participate together in community.

The EmpowR Community has been an emergent process that began in 2019 and is an integral part of catalyzing EmpowR Transformation’s intentionality to build capacity to cocreate cultural conditions of belonging, equity, and collective liberation. You can learn more about the EmpowR story here

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