EmpowR Accountability

Transformative Justice & Emergent Strategy

We believe empowerment comes from BOTH within our own wholeness as individual human beings AND in our ability to be interdependent with each other and the Earth, regardless of our identity. Our approaches to empowerment are small movements towards transformative justice. We work to create the cultural conditions where people who have been historically excluded are fully included. We serve humanity as advocates for equitable support, resources, relationships, and community so empowerment is readily accessible for collective liberation. We work along the continuum of self, communal, and collective healing, as we consciously engage in healing our own hearts and minds from colonialism, to build and emerge into something new together.

Our mission, work, and culture is accountable to:

Transformative Justice:

  • transform ourselves to transform the world (Grace Lee Boggs);
  • practices that go all the way to the root cause of the problem and generate solutions and healing there, such that the conditions that create injustice are transformed (adrienne maree brown);
  • transform the conditions that enable harm, while facilitating repair for the harm by cultivating accountability, healing, resilience and safety for all (Mia Mingus);
  • heal yourself to heal the world (you must be the change you want to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi)
  • approach to conversations, practices, and shared learning that generate healing and solutions at the root of complex issues to transform the conditions that cause personal and cultural harm, suffering, and injustice (EmpowR accountability language);

Emergent Strategy (adrienne maree brown):

  • approaching change through relatively small, repetitive interactions to build more complex patterns and systems
  • collaboration rooted in love and humility that relies on the strength of relationships for adaptability
  • intentionally changing in ways that grow our capacity to embody the just and liberated worlds we long for

A Return to Empathy

Dominant culture has been programmed to be apathetic and desensitized to the struggles and experiences of people whose lived experiences are different and more challenging than those of the white, ruling class. EmpowR activates a return to empathy by examining and facilitating how taking personal responsibility for individual actions, behaviors, and communications directly inform and shift interpersonal relationships, group processes, organizational norms, and all elevations of culture, thereby influencing systemic change.

EmpowR is intentionally designed to challenge the assumptions of inequity in capitalism, patriarchal dominance, and white supremacy culture and in doing so is exploring a different kind of model for doing business. We work to upend the systems that keep people from shining in their wholeness.

Support Our Mission

Building new culture and upending the status quo involves rebalancing wealth and power systems which are inherently not structured to compensate people for the work that disrupts these very systems. EmpowR is a low income entity and partially relies on a community supported funding model to support the unpaid labor required to transform culture.

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