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EmpowR services offer facilitation, guidance, and strategies to approach culture change centered in empathy, equity, and belonging. Our co-creator team works with teams, groups, organizations, businesses, and institutions to navigate new ways of being in relationship, communicating with inclusion, and disengaging from the characteristics of white supremacy culture. We bring transformative justice and emergent strategy principles into our work with you. We foster the design of empathetic organizational nervous systems with group processes and communications that support safety, integrity, wellness, and wholeness.

Our commitment is to get messy and co-create with you by finding the entry points to transformation for your work and the people you serve. EmpowR facilitation, communication, and culture building services compliment and add value to diversity/equity/inclusion work, strategic planning, leadership development, change management, and internal culture/external communication strategies. We weave connection among these threads and we excel in collaboration with equity partners, including shifting from competitive frameworks to coalition and movement building models for collective impact.

We are not experts, as we recognize the expertise of the past is part of the reason why new approaches and systems are needed to disrupt racism, classism, oppression, misogyny, and injustice. We are facilitators of change with rich lived experiences and backgrounds in restorative communication practices, trauma responsiveness, organizational operations, and building culture with empathy, healing, community, and accountability.

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EmpowR creates brave and equitable containers for vulnerable conversations and challenging topics. We work with circle process and council practices to invite dialogue to build trust, relationships, empathy, mindfulness, inclusion of a diversity of impacted voices, and awareness of a multiplicity of truths and lived experiences. We design dialogues with embodiment, somatic, and listening practices that open the heart and mind to self examination, personal responsibility, curiosity, and accountability to the impact of words, actions, and behaviors.

We intentionally design facilitation with a holistic approach for a shared learning experience. We are mindful of multiple entry points for different values and belief systems. Our group agreement framework prioritizes the wellness of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, people with marginalized identities, and holds space for people to face fears and show up with courage. We facilitate conversations to nourish team and group relationships for collective engagement to inform process and strategy. Our communication and culture building services support developing and integrating what is learned in the spaces we facilitate:

courageous conversation design

dialogue facilitation

disengaging from white supremacy norms & expectations

interpersonal communication & relationship building/repair

mediation & restorative practices

organizational & operational structure redesign

social & emotional wellness

support groups & healing circles

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EmpowR co-creator communication backgrounds are diverse—spanning public relations, human design, marketing strategy, grassroots campaign development and management, social work, clinical therapy, performing arts, intuitive arts, community outreach, activism, and crisis communication across nonprofit, government, and business sectors. We combine our shared gifts, experiences, and perspectives to offer a holistic and integrative approach to team, group, and organizational communication.

We believe communication has been siloed into departments and compartments, while losing the very heart and essence of compassion in how we communicate our connection to each other. Our approach and strategies are based in redesigning interpersonal, team, and group relationships, working with change management approaches, the cycles of nature, and a different relationship with time and process. In doing so, a practice of emergence unfolds into a new paradigm of communicating that generates equity, belonging, flow, and alignment for what comes next. We offer consulting services to transform:

communication strategy co-creation

equity & belonging integration & implementation

group & team relationships & project management

organizational communication & development

Communication counsel professional development sessions are also offered to support changes in interpersonal and organizational communication that integrate and align with equity and belonging.

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Culture Building

EmpowR approaches culture building aligned with our mission, values, and accountability to transformative justice and emergent strategy principles. We align self examination and personal responsibility in healing with anti-racism and new ways of being in relationship with ourselves, each other, and the Earth. We adapt our culture building methodology to meet your entry points for change. We work with you to cultivate personal and organizational nervous system regulation, change relationships with time, create the space for communication and practices centered in equity and belonging, and integrate learning, unlearning, and relearning into new ways of being, engaging, and shaping the conditions for heart-centered wholeness. We do this by offering consulting services that focus on:

communities of practice & shared learning cohorts

community building & collective impact

Earth wisdom & decolonizing hearts & minds

embodiment & cultural trauma responsiveness

operational redesign

strategic coalition engagement


EmpowR facilitation, communication, and culture building services can be integrated into retreats for teams and small groups. Retreats are designed and co-created with clients, for whole body learning and relationship experiences in nature at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary or a location of your choosing where we are connected with the Earth.

Equity training staff retreat with EmpowR
“A team of Let’s Grow Kids staff attended and helped co-create an equity integration retreat with EmpowR to deepen our accountability to equity in our group process and communication with the people we serve. Held outside at the sanctuary, we were able to experience shared learning at a deeper level out of the confines of the office or online. It was an inspiring, refreshing, and revitalizing experience for our team, some of whom had not even met each other in person yet because of the pandemic. The facilitation was encouraging and empowering and helped us connect our personal growth with cultural actions in our work towards systems change. The retreat design and facilitation modeled vulnerability, openness, and compassion which inspired us to do the same. We felt seen, heard, respected, and valued for our contributions in what was a powerful experience of equitable listening, nervous system awareness, and being in the woods to embody a different perspective for how we approach taking greater risks in equity work. We continue to reflect on what we learned and return to the personal and group commitments we made months later.”

~ Anna Gebhardt, Let’s Grow Kids field director

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