Consulting Services

Build Capacity to Navigate the Complexities of Change

EmpowR Transformation equity consulting services are provided by Rae Carter with engagement from EmpowR community members and co-creators as opportunities and needs arise and align. 

Value Rae provides as a consultant and founder of EmpowR Transformation: 

  • As an intuitive systems thinker who can see longterm vision, Rae actualizes next steps forward with adaptability and works at both micro and macro elevations.
  • Cultivates opportunities for authentic connection and courageous conversations with full attention to trauma responsiveness, emotional intelligence, and radical empathy.
  • Helps you peel back they layers of complexity so your group, team, and organization can be empowered to figure out ways to answer big questions. 
  • Provides insight for how language, narratives, conversations, and relationships emerge into behavior changes that can shift dominant social norms to embrace cross-cultural humanity. 
  • Skilled at breaking down complexity with meaning, value, relevance, and guidance for people, programs, and organizations.
  • Supports your ability to excavate approaches that get at the roots of transformation.
  • Understands vast and varied entry points for change and facilitates shared processes of unlearning and relearning to approach that change. 

Rae’s practice is informed by her lived experience unpacking whiteness and Western European ancestry and its inhibiting connection to building the relationships, communities, and cultural re-patterning and re-conditioning that is necessary to co-create just and liberated conditions that center equity and belonging in behavior, communication, values, norms, and systems. 

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EmpowR Transformation provides foundational practices to generate organizational readiness and capacity building for integrating equity; strategic planning processes; program development; multi-stakeholder projects; organizational system change work; and deeper layers of racial, class, gender, and ability justice work. Circle process and council practices are central to EmpowR Transformation facilitation approaches.

EmpowR Transformation Facilitation Services:

  • Cultivate group engagement processes, nourish team dynamics, and create holistic ways to approach overwhelm, discomfort, and burnout.
  • Engage restorative justice and trauma responsive practices, affinity and accountability spaces, and collaborative community engagement processes. 
  • Hold space for sharing power, multiple truths existing at the same time, and shifting away from the characteristics of white supremacy culture. 
  • Support nurturing equitable organizational culture through heart-centered trust building and relationship development.
  • Explore sociocracy models of power sharing and organizational leadership.
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Organizational Communication

Internal communication is the foundation for the ways that people within an organization engage with each other. It is also the process that informs how employees, people served, stakeholders, community members, service providers, gatekeepers, and anyone else impacted by decision making receives and shares information. Inclusive communication practices that recognize the wholeness of a human being, and all intersecting identities, sets the stage for equitable organizational culture, employee relationships, personnel practices and policies, messaging and story telling, community engagement, and relationships with people. 

Organizational Communication & Equity Consulting Services:

  • Co-create processes, tools, and structures for transparent and effective internal communication and inclusive collaboration.
  • Explore emergent relationships with time, space, and process.
  • Facilitate relationship capacity building, generative group process, and equitable organizational communication practices.
  • Support groups in navigating conflict, process, and decision making; keeping in mind different people process information in different ways and recognizing that conflict can be an opportunity for one of the deepest forms of connection.
  • Unweave organizational siloes through a communication lens and re-evaluate roles and responsibilities related to human resources, customer service, organizational development and fundraising, storytelling, marketing, and leadership.

Professional Growth Sessions

One-on-one Equity-Centered Coaching and Support



Train the trainer coaching, workshops, and educational content. Trainings are designed for specific audiences to support equitable decision-making, group process, and productive dialogues that are inclusive and holistic for the people served by your organization or institution.   

Train the Trainer Topics:

  • Circle Process Facilitation
  • Coalition Building
  • Community Engagement
  • Equitable Communication Practices
  • Practices in Cultural Somatics for Collective Nervous System Support
  • Racial Processing in White Accountability Groups
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Program / Event Design & Implementation

Educational programming and symposium types of events are co-created with clients to meet your audience’s entry point for engagement. Programs and events can draw from any facet of EmpowR’s work in personal, organizational, and cultural transformation. Program design and facilitation is a collaborative process with your team that draws from EmpowR Transformation’s approaches to navigating the complexities of change and accountability commitments to transformative justice and emergent strategy. 

Learn more about programs currently being offered that can be tailored for your group or organization:

Nature-based Retreats

Co-create a customized retreat at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary for your group, team community, or organization.


Collective Impact

Coalition building for system change work calls for multiple collaborators and contributors working together toward shared intentions. To balance power dynamics between dominant and marginalized voices, collectively co-created values, norms, and engagement practices will generate the most potential for intended impacts. Services are available for networks, communities, and coalitions seeking support in collective impact process, including incubating communities of practice that support cultivating the nutrients for building new culture and systems. 


Public speaking, presentation, and emcee opportunities are most welcome and are being called in.

Writing & Communication Strategy 

Writing, content development, and communication strategy are available for current clients in ongoing relationships.

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Equity training staff retreat with EmpowR
“In the summer of 2022, the Board and Senior Leadership Team of our nonprofit mental health organization attended an all-day equity integration retreat facilitated by Rae Carter of EmpowR. I personally researched many options for such training before deciding on Rae. I liked her open and honest approach to my questions and concerns, and her “mental health” approach to training. Rae is a flexible trainer, adjusting her input based on the needs of the group. She assured that every member present that day was heard and had time to express their thoughts and questions. In addition, the retreat was held at the beautiful outdoor Grandma Cherry Sanctuary, a lovely and serene setting for such an important topic. Rae worked with our group to provide an understanding of the history of racism as well as insight and solutions going forward. She was readily available to help us as questions and concerns arose.  She was instrumental in outlining “next steps” in a concrete action plan. I would highly recommend Rae for a greater understanding of such an invaluable topic.”

~ ML, NonProfit Board & Equity Committee Member

“A team of Let’s Grow Kids staff attended and helped co-create an equity integration retreat with EmpowR to deepen our accountability to equity in our group process and communication with the people we serve. Held outside at the sanctuary, we were able to experience shared learning at a deeper level out of the confines of the office or online. It was an inspiring, refreshing, and revitalizing experience for our team, some of whom had not even met each other in person yet because of the pandemic. The facilitation was encouraging and empowering and helped us connect our personal growth with cultural actions in our work towards systems change. The retreat design and facilitation modeled vulnerability, openness, and compassion which inspired us to do the same. We felt seen, heard, respected, and valued for our contributions in what was a powerful experience of equitable listening, nervous system awareness, and being in the woods to embody a different perspective for how we approach taking greater risks in equity work. We continue to reflect on what we learned and return to the personal and group commitments we made months later.”

~ Anna Gebhardt, Let’s Grow Kids field director