Healing Sessions

Emotional, Energetic & Spiritual Support for Whole Body Healing

Nurturing support and care for wherever you are in your health journey, consciousness evolution, self actualization, or personal transformation. If you are seeking depth and perspective to nourish your body, mind, soul, and spirit, these healing sessions are intuitively designed for you.

  • Sessions are offered online or at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont by EmpowR founder and healing arts practitioner, Rae Carter.
  • Sessions at the Sanctuary include optional solo reflection time in nature–plan to arrive early or stay late if you choose.
  • Each session is crafted to meet you where you are at, with radical empathy and trauma informed and transformed practices for the complexity, intensity, and overwhelm you may be facing.
  • Sessions relate how your personal wellness path includes shifting perspectives, patterns, and behaviors that influence collective healing and liberation. Individual healing impacts the healing of society and we all hold responsibility to heal our wounds and create the conditions where healing, belonging, and being our whole, authentic selves is normalized.

All healing sessions strengthen your ability to cultivate relationship with your body, intuition, and the rhythms and cycles of nature. The intention is for you to build skills and knowledge through embodied experiences and to deepen your capacity for emotional regulation so you can be more resourced to navigate the turbulence and beauty of The Great Turning.

Discounts and Pay-What-You-Can options available for all sessions. See details under Details below.

EmpowR healing navigations sessions invite healing with nature

Elements of Healing Session Work

  • Animal/Plant/Tree Communication
  • Ancestral Relationships
  • Animist/Earth-based Spirituality
  • Astrology
  • Authentic Movement
  • Divination
  • Elemental Magic
  • Embodiment Practices
  • Energy Work – Reiki and Chakra system
  • Guided Visualizations and Journeys
  • Herbalism
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Intuitive Counsel
  • Somatic Healing
  • Sound and Voice Healing
  • Tarot

If you are seeking more depth, healing elements, and trauma support than what you see offered below, trust your intuition and send Rae a message to cocreate a session to meet your specific needs.

Grief Session

Trauma Responsive Conversation, Guided Visualization, and Somatic Healing Practices

~ Be witnessed in your truth with radical empathy for the entirety of your experience.
~ Build awareness and practices to move and release stuck energy.
~ Validate your emotional experience with acceptance and unpack the connections between grief and anxiety/depression.

60 minutes, Online via Zoom
– $80 – 

EmpowR Vermont Sunburst

Holistic Wellness Session

Nurturing Support for Holistic Health, Whole Body Healing & Dis-ease Recovery

~ Acclimate to a path of whole body healing.
~ Deepen understanding of holistic wellness to empower your healing journey.
~ Receive support for navigating complicated health diagnosis.

60 minutes, Online via Zoom
– $80 –

EmpowR Vermont Sunburst

Reiki Session

Energy Healing with Divination, Guided Meditation & Reflection

~ Balance and align chakra energy centers in the body.
~ Receive healing from Universal Life Force energy with light touch energy work.
~ Reduce stress and drop into a meditative state of consciousness.

90 minutes, In Person at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary
– $100 –

EmpowR Vermont Sunburst

Sound Therapy Session

Crystal Singing Bowls, Sound Vibration, Song & Guided Meditation

~ Deepen meditative rest for consciousness expansion.
~ Move and release energy blockages and tension.
~ Sooth your nervous system and generate ease in your body.

90 minutes, In Person at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary
– $100 –

EmpowR Vermont Sunburst

Voice Activation Session

Participatory Experience to Speak Truth, Sing Magic, and Vocalize Release

~ Build capacity to listen, communicate, advocate, and raise the impact of your voice.
~ Find balance and support healing in your throat chakra.
~ Work with sound, movement, and visualization for vocal empowerment.

90 minutes, In Person at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary
– $100 –

EmpowR Vermont Sunburst

Witch Awakening / Witch Wound Healing Session

Healing the Personal and Social Impacts of Burning Times Western European Lineage  

~ Conjure the cauldron of your inner witch for personal and collective healing and liberation.
~ Examine the roots of patriarchal trauma, the harms of upholding the same systems, and how to approach accountability with empowerment.
~ Heal from the “mean girls” legacy of betrayal, competition, exclusion, envy, and mistrust and build new kinds of feminine energy relationships.
~Reclaim ancestral, divine feminine, Earth-based medicine, elemental magic, and animist/Pagan spirituality.
~Unpack how the historical trauma of the indigenous medicine women of Europe has, over time, projected itself into upholding dominant culture, and how healing the “witch wound” can influence cultural transformation.

90 minutes, Online via Zoom OR In Person at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary

– $100 –

EmpowR Vermont Sunburst

Workplace Equity Coaching Session

Emotional, Intellectual & Spiritual Aspects of Social Change

~ Bridge mental health with organizational change work to improve radical empathy and accountability towards transformative justice.
~ Build capacity for discomfort and embrace different lived experiences and ways of knowing to support managing conflict.
~ Improve authenticity and integrity in organizational culture change and community building work by shifting perspectives, behaviors, and patterns.

60 minutes, Online via Zoom
– $100 –
includes resources shared and follow up email correspondence

EmpowR Vermont Sunburst
EmpowR sessions at a forest sanctuary in Vermont



Payments are made up front when you schedule online.

If you prefer to pay with a check or cash the day of your appointment,
please send a message to receive a coupon code to schedule online.

Tips are gratefully accepted to support the equity fund which pays for people with marginalized identities
to participate in EmpowR programs/sessions.

If the cost is prohibitive to you or you identify as BIPOC,
please send a message to receive an equity discount or pay-what-you-can option.
No questions asked.

You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire when you schedule to help Rae prepare for your session.



Directions to Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont and/or Zoom links will be emailed to you after you schedule.

In person sessions are often offered outside in the warmer weather.

The Sanctuary is located on a mountain on backroads that are well maintained by the town. In winter, 4-wheel drive is helpful, but not necessary. Please follow the directions emailed to you upon scheduling for the most accessible route.



The Sanctuary is located on a mountain on uneven but well maintained terrain. The inside Sanctuary Room is located up one flight os stairs. Please send a message with further questions about accessibility.



Life happens! Please try to reschedule with 24 hours notice if possible. Cancellations are refunded up to 24 hours in advance.

EmpowR Vermont Sunburst
“In this era of social transformation, I’m learning new ways of seeing and thinking about the world every day. A session with Rae brought me a deeper level of understanding of and peace with shedding culturally engrained behaviors that create limits. Just one afternoon at the Sanctuary reminded me that there are so many different ways of knowing and experiencing life.”

~ L.C. – Burlington, Vermont

“Working with Rae challenged me to grant myself the permission I was seeking from others to finally listen to and trust my own intuition…I’m excited again to venture forward, knowing and trusting that my old patterns are no longer serving me, and it’s time to discover new ones.”

~ Nicole D., Berlin, Vermont

“Rae helps people understand and organize their personal health care concerns and identify what steps they need to take to get their health needs met. Rae’s compassionate demeanor and intuitive wisdom offer a validating experience for people seeking support with their diagnosis.”

~ Meredith P., Montpelier, Vermont

EmpowR sessions at a forest sanctuary in Vermont