Healing Navigation, Communication Counsel,
Intuitive Arts & Embodiment Sessions

EmpowR sessions are designed for people to support healing and wellness, transform interpersonal and group communication in self-examination work, and awaken to intuition and connection with the Earth.

EmpowR’s founding co-creator, Rae Carter, a healing navigator, communication strategist, intuitive arts practitioner, and facilitator of transformation offers four different kinds of sessions. EmpowR sessions cultivate personal growth by meeting you at your individual entry points and intentions for change. Embodiment techniques, somatic practices, mindfulness and meditation, communication education and development, herbalism, Reiki, holistic health education, Earth wisdom, and deep conversation are components of sessions to support you on your path of healing, wholeness, empowerment, and transformation.

Healing Navigation Sessions

Nurturing Support for Holistic Health, Whole Self Healing & Dis-ease Recovery

Healing navigation sessions support people with the physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual aspects of a health challenge, personal transformation, and paths of recovery, wholeness, and wellness.

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Communication Counsel Sessions

Personal & Professional Development in Interpersonal & Organizational Communication

Communication counsel sessions support people seeking healthy approaches to interpersonal, group, or organizational communication techniques and transitions for shifting away from white dominant cultural norms.

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Intuitive Arts Sessions

Guidance for Exploring Wise Women Traditions, Ancestral Healing & Earth Wisdom

Intuitive arts sessions are for women and women identifying bodies reawakening to intuitive power and drawing connections between personal responsibility in healing and our accountability and roles in cultural transformation and transformative justice.

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Embodiment Sessions

A Full Body Healing Experience at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary

Embodiment sessions are available for current clients who have received two or more of any of the sessions above. Sessions are half or full day retreats at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary, any time of year, and embrace the magical elements of the sanctuary (inside and outside) for a spacious exploration into holistic wellness, Earth wisdom, plant and energy medicine.

Embodiment sessions can also be designed into a small group experience.

Embodiment sessions are available to existing clients and relationships. Please schedule one of the above sessions to begin an embodied path.

EmpowR sessions at a forest sanctuary in Vermont
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“The way Rae lives her truth is inspiring to others. Rae helped me to understand that my perspective is important and valid, and that asserting my point of view is necessary for growth and change. One mindset she encourages that I have found particularly helpful is avoidance of thinking about how I “should” react, think, or act. I am learning to consider my words and actions in a more active and empowering “could” framework instead of what I think others expect.”

~ Tay P., Winooski VT