What We Do

Our Intentionality

build capacity to cocreate cultural conditions of
belonging, equity, and collective liberation

EmpowR Sunburst

EmpowR Transformation invokes vision to communicate, imagine, and create possibility for The Great Turning.

  • We build cultural conditions of belonging, communal care, collective liberation, radical empathy, restorative practices, trauma responsiveness, and wellness sovereignty.
  • We cultivate emotional and spiritual healthcare for people and organizations working for transformational change and building emergent systems.
  • We facilitate behavior change, community building, conflict evolution, healing from the wound of white supremacy, inclusive communication, relationship repair, organizational change, and rewilding our relationship with space, time, and nature–including ourselves.
  • We hold space for messy, complex conversations and for multiple truths and lived experiences to exist together.
  • We integrate somatic practices and other ways of knowing to shift perspectives, patterns, and behaviors to cocreate a just and liberated world.
  • We raise the impact of our voices, leverage our networks, make mistakes, and move with radical love for social and environmental justice.
EmpowR Sunburst


EmpowR Transformation is accountable to the lineages and principles of transformative justice and emergent strategy.
EmpowR Vermont Sunburst
EmpowR Vermont Sunburst

EmpowR Culture

EmpowR Transformation culture and values inform the social norms we encourage in our internal and external work.

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