Plainfield, VT — Rae Carter, a cancer and trauma survivor, announces the launch of EmpowR, a healing and social justice enterprise centered in co-creating personal and cultural transformation.

Services and educational programs are designed to empower and affect heart-centered change in our personal lives and cultures to make space for healthier bodies and a more inclusive, just, and compassionate society.

Rae founded EmpowR as a culmination of her personal transformation following a breast cancer diagnosis in 2018, her 20-year career in communications and social impact work, and training in holistic and cultural healing modalities. EmpowR collaborates with a growing team of co-creators to provide vision, guidance, and approaches for individual healing and collective liberation.

“As a women business owner for a new era I am building a co-creation container that values nurturing relationships of reciprocity with each other and the Earth. Now is the time to weave new narratives and build culture centered in community building and collective healing that disrupts patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism,” says Rae, who identifies as a bridge builder, change maker, and web weaver.

“My own experience navigating gender, economic, and health ability inequities gives me proximity to contribute perspective and leadership to cultural transformation conversations and actions. Our individual behaviors directly influence culture, and our ability to be healthy directly informs our behavior. Both individual and cultural transformation occurs when constant everyday changes in how we respond to situations alter the paths of our personal and collective healing, and therefore the norms in society. We, as people, hold the power to find commonality when we advocate to slow down and listen to each other’s stories so we can expand compassion and weave relationships of trust with overlapping circles of collaboration and communication. In order for justice and equity to be authentic and with integrity, hierarchal leadership structures must transmute so decision making is led by the people impacted most–rather than those with the most wealth and power.”

EmpowR offers services, support sessions, and programs to support the changes individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, and collective movements are experiencing and working towards as old systems unravel and we co-create the new.

Rae serves on the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility Board of Directors and the Vermonters Taking Action Against Cancer Steering Committee where she advocates for racial justice, health equity, and gender and class parity. She is active in grassroots organizing across the Northeast as a social justice co-conspirator, healing navigator, facilitator, root cause analyst, and organizational and human behavior strategist.

Previously known as Rachel Carter and prior to being diagnosed with cancer, she worked as the communications director at the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund where she co-founded the Rooted in Vermont movement and was instrumental in the implementation of Vermont’s Farm to Plate food system plan. Previously she owned and operated the public relations business, Rachel Carter PR, supporting Vermont businesses, organizations, and government agencies across the state. She is the co-author of Vermont: An Explorer’s Guide and was a Vermont Business Magazine Rising Star in its inaugural year.

EmpowR is located at the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont where Earth medicine events and retreats are held to support the intersectionality of healing and culture change. Learn more at


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