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EmpowR Web of Change Makers

The EmpowR Transformation Web of Change Makers are activists, educators, health practitioners, organizational facilitators, leaders and a growing community of people who are committed to movement building for transformative justice and building cultural conditions of equity, belonging, and collective liberation.

Our work is informed by our lived experiences, professional backgrounds, personal healing and transformation journeys, educational pathways, and how we communicate, share, and receive knowledge and wisdom.

Stacy Burnett


Stacy Burnett EmpowR co-creator
Rae Carter

founding co-creator

Rae Carter EmpowR founding co-creator
Jennifer Grossi


Jennifer Grossi EmpowR co-creator
Saudia LaMont


Saudia LaMont EmpowR co-creator
Ornella Matta-Figueroa


Ornella Matta-Figueroa EmpowR co-creator
Claire Wheeler


Claire Wheeler EmpowR co-creator

Our Commitments

BEING our whole selves in all expressions. Being in relationship with people committed to the shared vision of healing the heart of humanity who align with the principles of transformative justice. We are committed to presence in our wholeness and self examination of our strengths, limitations, boundaries, words, and actions.

PRACTICING antiracism, anti-oppression, decolonization, culture building, and embodiment of our whole selves into all areas of our lives. We hold ourselves personally accountable to intentional cycles of healing, unlearning, relearning, and responsibility for the impacts of our behavior.

WEAVING connection, relationships, opportunities, solutions, networks, and reparations in community. We grow and synergize our different webs and threads to weave more people into the web of interdependent relationships and engage in personal, organizational, and cultural transformation.

WORKING together as a part of the EmpowR community, building bridges for collaborative opportunities and developing skills to strengthen our commitments to transformative justice. We are committed to healing wounds of personal, institutional, intergenerational, and historical trauma.

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