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Claire Wheeler

Claire Wheeler (she/her) is a radical queer facilitator of strategy, change, and repair. She is currently working as a program director with Mercy Connections, designing and delivering small business and self employment education to a variety of people. For the past seven years, she has owned and operated RE:WORK LLC, a small business that offers strategic design, facilitation, and consulting services for nonprofits and community-based businesses in the Abenaki land called Vermont. After facilitating a few too many strategic planning processes, Claire realized the need to decolonize her relationship to work and the structures she had created in her business. Joining the team at Mercy Connections and becoming a co-creator with EmpowR are two ways that Claire is unlearning old ways of working and practicing showing up to work with integrity, humility, and joy.

Claire is a systems thinker and learner with an insatiable curiosity about how deep mental models impact our experience as human beings and how we can use systems awareness to overcome oppression by designing new systems and ways of working. As a leo sun, she loves the spotlight. As a cancer moon, she empathizes with the limitless range of human emotion. As a virgo rising, she loves a good spreadsheet. And as an enneagram type 3, she is learning how to disrupt the long-held belief that her worth and value are dependent on her ability to produce results for others.

Before starting RE:WORK LLC, Claire worked for ten years as a program director and administrator in the environmental nonprofit sector. She also earned her keep by knocking on doors, harvesting vegetables, and selling kites. She holds an MBA in Managing for Sustainability from Marlboro College and a BA in Government from Smith College. She is a proud board member of the Haymarket People’s Fund, core member of Central Vermont Showing Up for Racial Justice, and volunteers with the Montpelier Community Justice Center as well as the Hunger Mountain Cooperative Community Fund.

Claire resides in Montpelier, Vermont with her partner Petra, dog Rutabaga, and cat Xiu Xiu. She enjoys adventuring of all kinds – on mountains, in rivers, into the mind, and through make believe every Tuesday with her Dungeons & Dragons crew.

“Systems are human creations. I do this work because I hold the responsibility to understand and dismantle the systems built on oppression that my ancestors created and because I hold the power to co-create new systems built on love that set us free.” ~ Claire Wheeler
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