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Stacy Burnett

Stacy Burnett

Stacy Burnett, (she/they) is a clinical social worker who is motivated by the belief that healing is possible. She began her career as an Americorps volunteer with a focus on addressing the unfair and inequitable treatment of women and girls. At Girls Inc. of Metro Denver, she developed new curricula related to body image with hopes of dismantling the damaging impacts of the pervasive messages in our culture about thinness and sexuality.

Going forward, Stacy worked with families affected by domestic violence, poverty, and child protective involvement and spent several years working in public adoption, and adolescent mental health, all in varying settings: homes, shelters, schools, and community mental health centers. The families she spent time with were often those receiving public assistance or undocumented, and dealing with complex constellations of challenges including addiction, violence, lack of financial resources, educational and language barriers, physical and mental disabilities, and racism, all of which posed barriers to services, support, and community resources. Through this work, Stacy developed a deep understanding of the intersection between the dynamics of oppression and mental and emotional wellbeing. Stacy incorporates this understanding into her practice and continued learning.

Stacy currently works with folx to address trauma and its impacts as a practicing EMDR* therapist with a private, telehealth-based practice in Jericho. She is a psychotherapist and social worker LCSW listed in the UVM Integrative Practitioner Network. Stacy is particularly interested and skilled in addressing the complexities of survival coping strategies such as, eating disorders, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, attachment and relationship challenges, and body and gender related issues. She continues to examine not only the various approaches to healing trauma, but how white supremacy culture impacts the therapeutic relationship and social work in general.

*Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an effective therapy approach for processing and decreasing symptoms of trauma. Its focus is to get us unstuck from negative beliefs we hold about ourselves based on what has happened to us in our lives.

In addition to her professional work, Stacy is a breast cancer survivor. Motivated by supporting fellow survivors, she has combined her own cancer experience with her background as a trauma informed practitioner to develop Fiercely Flat Vermont–a private Facebook community designed to encourage, support, and empower people who are dealing with the loss of their breasts in the process of their treatment with emphasis on healing through connection with others.

Stacy serves as a member of the Quality of Life working group for Vermonters Taking Action Against Cancer, and recently joined the Affordable Housing Committee in her community.

Stacy believes in balancing these efforts with time for her own healing and self-care which are largely centered around her time with her young family, their camping and travel adventures, and dragon-boating with fellow breast cancer survivors. She can be seen running with her dog on the dirt roads by her home in Jericho during most seasons and enjoys dancing in the kitchen. Stacy is white, pansexual, a first generation college graduate, and very connected to her local French Canadian family. She recently started taking guitar lessons with her daughter because rock star dreams never die, and is intermittently engaged in the arts of cross stitching, lip sinking, and very cautious snow boarding.

“As a human being, service provider, and person committed to healing I arrive at the work of transformative justice with curiosity, compassion, and willingness to be challenged into discomfort. I am motivated to keep digging, all in hopes of unraveling both my participation in white supremacy culture, and to inspire others to do the same.” ~ Stacy Burnett
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