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Jennifer Grossi

Jennifer Grossi (they/she) works as a social justice advocate, musician, theatrical performer, and educator. She facilitates listening and other culture change practices in community and family settings. The personal focus she brings to her work is to seek balance between individual and collective growth, and to honor an infinitely complex learning continuum within herself and others.

Throughout her adult life, Jennifer has worked extensively with people of all ages to inspire leadership and creative performance potential through a wide variety of group and individual programs. Between 2008 and 2019, at her music and performance education company D&J Music, she and partner Don Sinclair ran lessons, classes, camps and workshops in the Upper Valley region of Vermont/New Hampshire and beyond. All programs were designed to help participants develop more authentic creative connection with their personal motivations, and with others.

Jennifer is engaged in raising the bar on antiracism engagement and creative expression in her Bradford, Vermont community. As a co-founder of the Summer Street Music Series in Bradford, Vermont, Jennifer has focused on generating local solutions to racism and supporting the creative economy.  She is active with the Vermont Council on Rural Development as a member of the Boosting Town Capacity Task Force, advocating for racial equity, the creative economy, and community belonging in the region.

As a performer and musician, Jennifer is almost always engaged in a project or two (or three). Over the past 15 years she’s worked in over a dozen bands and stage productions as a singer, keyboardist, dancer, actor, director, stage manager, and vocal coach. She was a featured musician and production collaborator with David Rosane and the Zookeepers on their album “Book of ZOO”, which won a 2019 Tammie award for Best Vermont Rock Album. Their 2018-19 Library Tour raised funds and awareness for Vermont public libraries as information-access hubs vital to bolstering human dignity and diversity in the face of systemic inequity.

Other tidbits of Jennifer as a Whole…

*white European ancestry
*parent of miraculous progeny
*rat rescuer
*food lover deeply engaged in a 12-Step overeaters’ program
*psycho-spiritual health quester
*friend of the Sun (a.k.a. “Big Buddy”)

“To witness the spark of creative transformation in myself and others is the greatest Joy for me. Any change undergone through creative work is more sustainable, more deeply connective, and has the potential to go far beyond lip service. Often it’s harder to see this kind of change as it’s happening– the kinds of service I’m drawn to never look as sexy as the projects that tend to get picked up by the larger culture–yet the ultimate impact is greater. Rather than providing instant gratification with surface-level outcomes, the lasting effects of authentic service are instead experienced ten or twenty years down the line, by the people that need it most. Since I want Justice Forever for marginalized people in our society, endeavors that merely ‘look good on paper’ now aren’t going to cut it. There has to be a vision for lasting change, which only a truly creative approach is going to help realize.” ~ Jennifer Grossi
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