Weaving Work & Wellness Retreats

Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary retreats for people working in change making organizations committed to transformative justice and social equity

Retreat to support the ways we transition into making time and space for how we integrate personal care, communal care, meaningful relationships, and coalition building into our work to co-create culture centered in humanity, equity, and belonging for collective liberation.

This retreat is for people working in organizations committed to building antiracist culture, social justice activism, facilitating Diversity/Equity/Inclusion/Belonging, disrupting the status quo, creating new systems in health care and education, and any other humanitarian and environmental justice change making.

All identities are invited to participate in this embodied nature retreat. Both full group and affinity and accountability spaces will be utilized throughout the experience.

Equity and Belonging in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication Retreat

Program Details

The Weaving Work & Wellness Retreat is offered in person at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont. It is a full day of nourishing activities with much spaciousness. The retreat combines full group circle, small group conversations, affinity and accountability space for different identities, solo reflection time, and opportunities receive healing, somatic movement, and embodiment practices.

The retreat is designed to be offered by change making organizations to their employees and audiences as a way to support weaving wellness into the long game work of social change and cultural transformation.


  • Cultivate safe ways to experience embodiment in how we connect with ourselves, each other, and being in community.
  • Share learning about how we conduct our personal and organizational work, how we weave connection and movement support, and how we care for our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being in anti-racism and gender/class/ability equity work.
  • Co-create deeper connection with our humanity in nature to embody different layers of cross-cultural emergence.


This workshop was incubated in 2022 by Saudia LaMont and Rae Carter and has been and will continue to be gently revised to stay current with growth in emergent strategy and transformative justice. Saudia and Rae co-designed and c0-facilitate the retreats drawing from norms and cultural conditions EmpowR Transformation is committed to moving forward.


“I had a most glorious and nourishing time at the EmpowR retreat. I felt heard and witnessed, and was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the awesome vibes of the natural land. Thank you Rae and Saudia for your authentic and transparent purposes in helping us define who we are and help us to be the change in the world we want to see!” ~ Retreat Participant

Saudia LaMont and Rae Carter

Retreat Costs

Your budget and organization’s social location inform how we cost out the retreat,
as all EmpowR programs are intended to be accessible.

A portion of the cost will go towards stewarding the sanctuary.

Please be in touch to discuss working with EmpowR Transformation
to offer a Weaving Work & Wellness Retreat.

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