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Belonging Together: A Facilitation Training Course for Space Holders

Communication & Facilitation Professional Development

Immersive unlearning and relearning course to evolve facilitation skills for equitable communication, inclusion of diverse perspectives and voices, and building cultural conditions for belonging. Embody and integrate circle facilitation practices for dialogue where power is shared, whole selves are valued, and listening is centered in the heart.

This 6-week course will support you to:

  • Build skills for relationship centered and emergent meeting planning.
  • Create spacious flow in conversations to support trust building.
  • Deepen awareness and clarity with cultural responsive language.
  • Develop a practice of working with embodiment practices in facilitation.
  • Navigate how to manage conflict resolution, repair, and restorative practices.
  • Practice trauma-informed and communal care facilitation techniques together.
  • Recognize shadow projections and engage multiple intelligences to support your experience.

The Belonging Together Facilitation Training Course is offered online and includes a mix of presented content, resource sharing and reflection, cultural/group somatics, and practicing together in a generative and supportive space.

Experience belonging together in facilitation community with people working towards humanity’s evolution and build skills to ripple transformative ways of holding space into your work.

Facilitation Training Course

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March 7
March 14
March 21
March 28
April 4
April 11


1:00-3:00 pm EST

Meet the Trainer
Rae Carter Vermont

Rae Carter (she/ki) is a communication facilitator and the founder of EmpowR Transformation, an equity consultant with The Creative Discourse Group, and a healing arts practitioner in the University of Vermont Integrative Practitioner Network. Rae weaves embodied antiracist culture building, experiential and nature-based learning, trauma-informed practices, holistic healing, and animist spirituality into capacity building work to shift limited perspectives, disrupt dominant patterns, navigate conflict, reimagine communication, and bridge micro and macro behavior change for transformative justice.

This course is informed by Rae’s practice and study with The Circle Way, Rockwood Leadership Institute, Education for Racial Equity, Center for Transformation & Change, adrienne maree brown, Divorcing White Supremacy Culture; client work with EmpowR Transformation and The Creative Discourse Group; a 20+ year career in communications including owning a grassroots public relations business and serving as communications director at the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund/Vermont Farm to Plate Network; five years navigating the nuance of inclusion and exclusion in women’s circles, and her role as a land steward tending to and learning from the beyond human community at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary.


Session Design

Sessions are every Thursday from 1:00-3:00 pm beginning March 7. Resources will be provided relevant to each session. Sessions are designed around these content themes:

  • Agenda and meeting planning (March 7)
  • Circle process background and techniques (March 14)
  • Designing for content, conversations, conflict & engagement (March 21)
  • Emotional agility, group energy dynamics & nervous system regulation (March 28)
  • Language changes, use, and cultural responsiveness (April 4)
  • Moving beyond white dominant culture behaviors and norms (April 11)

Course Zoom Norms
Please arrive on time. You are welcome to eat food and are asked to be on camera without performance or perfection. This is an experiential learning course so how we engage with each other energetically is part of the course. Live participation is necessary for full course benefits. Sessions will be recorded but will not include all course dialogue or small group conversations due to confidentiality and technical limitations. The experiential learning aspect will be missed if not attending the course live.

Please send a message with any accessibility requests or questions so all attempts can be made to meet your needs.

Zoom link and additional information will be emailed upon registration.



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