A Captivating Speaker with a Gift for Storytelling

Rae Carter speaks with a distinct voice that is rising in purpose to articulate vision and perspective for the Great Turning—the transformational culture and paradigm shifts we are experiencing within ourselves, society, humanity, and Earth. Rae speaks to the truth and raises questions for the difficult conversations that need to be had. She reflects both shadow and shine, grace and grit, and challenges assumptions.

Rae’s personal story of healing and her rich, diverse background are a beautiful combination that hold the space for her ability to clearly articulate complexity and depth, grounded in compassion for people and the planet, which offer dynamic perspectives of hope, trust, and inspiration for the themes of our times.

Rae spent years behind the scenes working in communications and shining the spotlight on the power of stories for many people, organization, and initiatives. She understands how to deliver compelling content to different audiences to engage, motivate, and inspire. And now she holds the gift of a powerful voice with authentic and impactful messages of resilience, courage, vulnerability, compassion, and feminine wisdom to speak from her own lived experiences.

Rae is calling in opportunities to speak and dialogue about the intersectionality between individual and collective healing, ancestral trauma and racism, collective shifts away from patriarchal oppression and white supremacy culture, and healing our humanity by living in reciprocity with the Earth. Rae centers fluidity, humility, and sparks of magic when speaking about the depth of transformation.

“Rae embodies a special gift of empathy that informs her power to open space for exploring healthy communications. From my personal experience with Rae’s talents as a thoughtful speaker and writer, her clarity is refreshing and consequently motivating for a path to change. When you are lucky enough to connect with Rae you will be rewarded with a new lens on life that includes positive impact.”

~ Patricia Sears, NEKTI Consulting

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