Since publication of this post, the sanctuary has been renamed to be known as Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary

Welcome to the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont.

A dome of light shines over a canopy of trees on a gently sloping native plant and wildlife habitat covering seven acres of blessed land in the mountains. Sacred spaces, water sources, woodland trails, and gardens–herb, vegetable, flower, and wild–offer multiple perspectives to a landscape nurtured out of a commitment to environmental stewardship, sacred connection to the Earth, relationship with Spirit, healing from sickness, and love–so much love.


Mitch and I moved here in 2013 and began homesteading and stewarding the land, taking care to plant native species, engage in biodynamic gardening, attend to small woodlot forest management practices, and to protect the water and and encourage wildlife diversity. In 2018 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the land became a sanctuary, holding space for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. A relationship of deep reciprocity with the land began to emerge. My personal awakening to the evolution of consciousness and the intersectionality with my own soul journey helped me to remember Earth-based spiritual practices lost long ago and to re-establish a relationship with the divine feminine. As I grew stronger, I began to reclaim my relationship with plant and energy medicine and more fully embrace the power of my intuition.

Read more about my journey from pain to empowerment or watch this video about healing with spider magic.

It is very much because of the land that I experienced such a profound and transformational healing journey. I fully recognize the privilege to live on this land and it is important to both Mitch and I to share the healing gifts of this land and the gifts we each have to offer with people navigating healing and soul journeys.

We hold a variety of accessible workshops and events–outside and physically distanced in warmer months–to connect people with the magic of the healing sanctuary we are blessed to steward. Events vary in topic and entry point for the audience, yet all are held using circle facilitation and all connect participants to the land honoring Earth-based spirituality practices. The intention is for each event to call in those who are meant to experience the offering and in a way that is safe and sacred for all who attend.

Learn more about educational offerings on the EmpowR Workshop page and stay current with impromptu Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary events at the EmpowR Facebook page