Content written by Rae as Rachel Carter over her career which have permanent residence on the internet years after being published.

Vermont’s Sustainable Heritage (2018)

True Cost of Local Food (2017)

Rooted in Vermont: Uniting All Vermonters Around Local Food (2017)

Vermont Food on a Budget (2017) 

Farm Succession Planning in Vermont Shines Light for a New Generation of Farmers (2017)

Agritourism: the Authentic Farm Experience (2016)

Speeding Up Production with Slow Money (2016)

Vermont Aims at Regional Food System (2015)

What is the Food System and Why Does it Matter? (2015)

Less Waste in Landfills, More Food on People’s Plates (2015)

Vermont Farmer Helps Others Produce Biofuels (2015)

Is Being a Jack-of-All-Trades Really Better for Your Bottom Line? (2015)

Improving Water Quality on Dairy Farms in Vermont (2015)

Water Sidewalks: Native Trees and Shrubs (2015)

How To Love a Farmland Lease (2014)

Emerging Fields in Bioenergy (2014)

Grocery Stores are Key to Expanding Local Food Systems (2014)

Doubling Local Food in Vermont (2013)

Locally Grown Beans in College Cafeteria (2013)

Sunflowers: From Fields to Fuel (2013)

Vermont Explorer’s Guide (2012)


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