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Resources We Are Calling In

Thank you for your interest in learning more about how to turn a vision into reality! We appreciate you!!

We are calling in the following resources and ways to support. Send a message to coordinate the details. 

  • Clawfoot Bathtub (no lead)

  • Composting Toilet/Outhouse Building

  • Forest Care

  • Gardening, Land Stewarding & Soil Care

  • Herbal Plant Harvest & Wildcrafting

  • Metal or Wood Outdoor Benches

  • RV or Travel Van Donation

  • Shed Maintanence

  • Sign Painting

  • Trail Maintenance

Be a Part of Sustaining the Magic for Future Generations…

N’dakinna land slopes south, where old growth Grandmother Cherry Tree welcomes you to a forested space for healing, reflection, connection, and community. 

Tree roots caress portals and pockets of wonder, weaving through an open treescape into the lower depths of the woods. 

Roots that deepen into a soil alive with the decay of mycelium networks, webs of wisdom offering and receiving in the dance of reciprocity. 

Trees reach for the stars, the air flow is magnificent, breathing into the outstretched arms and branches of friendship. 

Music of winged friends in the gardens, spreading joy over cultivated and wild medicines and beauty. 

Mountains and hills surrounded with the gifts of clouds, sharing moisture to nourish trees and plants, spreading carpets of moss along the forest floor. 

Sun’s brilliance shines rays and rainbows into a dome of light covering the open land and gleaming into hidden places where source water flows from springs in crevices below. 

Being present upon the land at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary invokes a sensation of awareness into one’s soul and emergence into the shared consciousness that exists among all living beings.

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