Men’s Community Evolution Circle

An opportunity for men to build relationship and community with other men who are exploring personal and collective evolution.

Men’s Circle offers a space to listen and share, without judgement, about their personal health, relationships, and challenges they are experiencing in a stressful, beautiful, complex, and rapidly changing world. Anyone who identifies as male is invited to attend. Racial, class, sexual identity, age, and ability diversity are all welcome.

Working with equitable communication practices, the event holds space for deep listening, shared learning, and engaging in dialogue that embraces the whole self and the mind, body, spirit connection. The evening will include a mix of facilitated circle conversation and community building on the land (fire building/tending, walking, physical movement/outside game).

This series is empowered and supported by The Circle Way, a global equity and justice facilitation practice that is used throughout EmpowR Transformation offerings.

EmpowR Mens Circle

Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary
Plainfield, Vermont


Monday, June 5, 2023
Monday, July 10, 2023
Monday, August 7, 2023
Monday, September 11, 2023


5:30-8:30 pm EST


Many mainstream cultural norms promote an expectation of masculinity that contributes to suppressing emotions, lack of empathy, isolation, harmful self sufficiency, competition, scarcity, dominance, and physical and sexual aggression. These norms are dangerous for men and contribute to mental and physical dis-ease in the body; are damaging to family, friend, and workplace relationships; and perpetuate toxic behaviors in society.

When men can build relationships together in community, ripples of healing emerge. These circles support navigating the tension of self acceptance, behavior awareness, personal and collective responsibility, and creating new behavior patterns that shift masculinity social norms towards belonging and love.

Facilitated by Mitch Pauley, the event take place outside, with intentional connection to the Earth and the elements of nature as co-creative participants to support grounding, release, and relationship to the land.

Participants can attend one or more event. Each circle will have different prompts yet will follow the same themes and each event will include a land connection component.

Please arrive early to park and settle in so we can open the circle at 5:30.

Please feel free to bring dinner/a snack with you, and please bring a water bottle.

Please feel free to bring children who are able to safely frolic and play at the sanctuary while you participate in circle if that is supportive for your being able to attend.

We will gather outside at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary, under the trees, in the mountains of Plainfield, Vermont. The space is partially accessible–please communicate any accessibility needs ahead of time so we can plan for accommodation. Learn more about the sanctuary vision which includes plans for how we can make the sanctuary more accessible. Please bring what you need to support yourself in circle. There is a friendly dog and cats on the premise who may participate at times.

In the case of inclement weather, we will gather inside in the Sanctuary Room.

Directions and additional information will be provided upon registration.


$12 plus donation request 

To ensure the safety of participants, the sanctuary (which is also a private home), and to cover basic event costs, we require a minimum payment and credit card information. With predatory extremism on the rise, this allows us to have a traceable record of registrations. It also asks for a commitment from participants to attend and will hopefully reduce no shows. We hope you will consider adding a generous tip to go towards the Vermont Releaf Collective to support advancing racial equity in land, environment, agriculture and foodways.

REGISTER for a Men’s Community Evolution Circle

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Life happens! If you are unable to attend, please be respectful of our time and let us know/cancel your registration.

“EmpowR Transformation and The Circle Way are aligned in how we make a stand in our world–to uphold racial, ethnic, gender, disability, economic, and environmental justice. We are pleased to support EmpowR’s efforts to make this vision and commitment become reality.”

~ The Circle Way