Testimonials from Colleagues & Clients

Rae Carter, Vermont facilitator, culture builder, communications strategist & healing practitioner

Rae Carter, Vermont communication facilitator, culture builder, equity educator, and healing arts practitioner

EmpowR Transformation Consulting Clients:

“Over the course of several months in late 2023 and early 2024, Rae brought her light and energy to our senior living community and guided residents towards creating a Community Building Plan to help renew and repair relationships in our building. She listened carefully to participant feedback and created meaningful and memorable activities. We all felt safe and nurtured through challenging conversations and found connections in unanticipated ways. EmpowR Transformations offered some unique experiences and perspectives to a community that felt fractured and disconnected. We all learned new things about ourselves and our neighbors.”
Susan Abell, support & services at home (SASH) coordinator, Cathedral Square Senior Living

“In spring 2023, staff at Northeast SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) appreciated a reflective and nourishing EmpowR Transformation retreat to deepen our relationships with each other and to support our continued commitments to building our personal and organizational anti-racist practice. Our team needed to create time and space to develop more sustainable practices so we can continue navigating the complexity of change presented in diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice efforts. Our retreat at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary, facilitated by Rae Carter, invited us to lean into other ways of knowing and to support expanding our capacity for intense and challenging conversations. The collaborative design process with Rae also held space for our team to slow down,  re-ground in our bodies on the land and practice communal care, together. The retreat was perfect for both welcoming in and orienting new staff as well as supporting experienced staff members to deepen into their learning.”
Heather Ormand, associate director, Northeast SARE

“In 2023 the Vermont Farm Show is in a pivotal time of transition–needing to pause, reflect, reach out, and re-adjust to better serve the Vermont farming community. We felt well guided with Rae’s careful intention and process to approaching our complex situation with many potential collaborators. While the Vermont Farm Show has a lot of work ahead, Rae helped provide a clear plan to help us move forward. We appreciate that Rae expanded beyond the current systems and how-it’s-always-been-done-thinking to help the Vermont Farm Show begin to re-imagine a diverse and inclusive future that is led by a representation of all Vermont agriculturalists, from all scales.”
Kyla Parmalee, vice-president, Vermont Farm Show Board

“In the summer of 2022, the Board and Senior Leadership Team of our nonprofit mental health organization attended an all-day equity integration retreat facilitated by Rae Carter of EmpowR. I personally researched many options for such training before deciding on Rae.  I liked her open and honest approach to my questions and concerns, and her “mental health” approach to training.  Rae is a flexible trainer, adjusting her input based on the needs of the group. She assured that every member present that day was heard and had time to express their thoughts and questions. In addition, the retreat was held at the beautiful outdoor Grandma Cherry Sanctuary, a lovely and serene setting for such an important topic. Rae worked with our group to provide an understanding of the history of racism as well as insight and solutions going forward. She was readily available to help us as questions and concerns arose.  She was instrumental in outlining “next steps” in a concrete action plan. I would highly recommend Rae for a greater understanding of such an invaluable topic.”
MaryAnne Lewis, Mental Health Agency Board & Equity Committee Member

“I attended an Equity Integration Retreat in 2021 that Rae facilitated for several Let’s Grow Kids staff members at the sanctuary she stewards. Spending time outdoors, away from screens and distractions, allowed me to connect with myself and my colleagues in a deeper and much more meaningful way than I do on an ordinary workday. Rae’s facilitation of our time together was encouraging and empowering. She modeled vulnerability, openness, and compassion in her storytelling and sharing, which inspired me to do the same. While I knew she had so much to teach us, I also felt seen, heard, respected, and valued for my contributions. I appreciate the opportunities Rae created for personal accountability and risk-taking. I felt rested, revitalized, and inspired at the end of the day and I am so grateful for the time I spent with Rae. Since our retreat, I have continued to reflect on what I learned and return to the commitments I made to create culture change.”
Natalie Glynn, former Communications Director, Let’s Grow Kids

“I learned about EmpowR when I was seeking professional development in the area of group facilitation and communication. My first session with Rae (2022) was not what I expected, but her skills in guided meditation illuminated a whole new way of looking at professional development. At the conclusion of the session, I was able to understand how white supremacist culture shapes so many of my professional and personal behaviors and perspectives, despite the decades of time I’ve spent as a racial justice advocate. This experience led me to enroll in an EmpowR White Women’s Accountable Circle, which offered a focused and deeper dive into processing the ways in which many of us show up in ways that run counter to the kind of community we envision creating, and the kind of behaviors we want to embody. I am looking forward to continuing my work with Rae and am finding that her offerings and practice go deep and wide, so there is something for everyone and I’d highly recommend EmpowR.”
Liz Curry, Common Land Solutions

Sessions, Retreat & Workshop Participants:

“As a BIPOC, woman led small business in Vermont, I fully appreciate the nurturing, supportive, and transformative knowledge that Rae and EmpowR have taught me.  Navigating through these busy business circles can be intimidating and daunting.  However, with the help of Rae and EmpowR networking circles, I have felt included, loved and embraced to become a more confident and conscious business owner and developer of my own narrative constructs, that have taken me through some very enlightening times. Rae is a wise, kind, and gentle person. EmpowR Transformation has really given me the tools to empower myself, my brand, and penetrate a market that I had no idea was open to my scope of work.”
Shanda Williams, SD Communications & Marketing LLC

“As a facilitator, Rae helped guide the space gracefully and effectively. She provided structure and guidance when needed, and stepped back in such purposeful ways to let participants’ energies emerge. She facilitated connection, feeling, learning, and growth. When ‘messiness’ came up, Rae helped everyone’s identities, feelings, and experiences to be accepted and seen, and without any coddling. Rae’s energy and connection to this work is palpable. She seems to enjoy facilitating as much as she does seeing participants lead the work themselves.”
Retreat Participant

“I have had the pleasure of working with EmpowR’s founder, Rae Carter, through the years. Her creativity, professionalism, and warmth have always made these engagements enjoyable and beneficial. She’s an excellent communicator and dedicated collaborator on projects. Working with Rae as a facilitator for the Vermont Story Lab summit (2019) created a powerful, emotionally moving and transformative experience for participants.”
Becky Holt, Vermont Story Lab

“Thank you for taking the time to teach me and others in community about how to start deconstructing white supremacy culture within ourselves. Our weaving retreat helped me see how to move beyond white guilt and shame and to understand that these systems are designed to erase ancestral culture and keep us separate. And while it’s not easy to talk about these things, it’s important because it helps us find our voices to advocate for change.”
Gaby G, Winooski VT

“For a long time as an activist, I have been fueled by anger, ego, and fear of the future. I got involved in EmpowR programs and community soon after COVID hit while being forced to slow down. My engagement with EmpowR and time at the Sanctuary helped me grapple with the pain and anxiety that clouded me by helping me re-center myself in love, hope, and learning how to feel grounded. I am eternally grateful for EmpowR and the powerful and magical culture we are weaving in community!”
Madeleine D, Richmond, VT

“Rae is timely, clear, and concise. She speaks from the heart with genuine knowledge of alternative health options and spiritual practices and how to organize them into life. Her care and compassion is evident and she has a warm, comforting energy.”
Sharon O, Barre VT

“Rae helped me realize I have the power to change the course of my life by connecting with energy that makes my heart happy instead of what the lifestyle of perfection and high achievement told me I should do. After a retreat with Rae I began to change my views and how I treat myself and now understand the mind body connection. Rae gave me amazing insight, ideas, and clarity that were both calm and invigorating—and the healing sanctuary is truly magical!”
Audrey C, Savoy, MA

“Working with Rae challenged me to grant myself the permission I was seeking from others to finally listen to and trust my own intuition…I’m excited again to venture forward, knowing and trusting that my old patterns are no longer serving me, and it’s time to discover new ones.”
Nicole D., Berlin, Vermont

“Rae helps people understand and organize their personal health care concerns and identify what steps they need to take to get their health needs met. Rae’s compassionate demeanor and intuitive wisdom offer a validating experience for people seeking support with their diagnosis.”
Meredith P., Montpelier, Vermont

“Rae is a very talented facilitator. She knows how to create a safe container and has honed instincts on what a group needs next in each moment. She’s committed to being a cultivator of emergence, serving to guide people on their journey toward true equity and inclusion. Deep gratitude for Rae Carter!”
Retreat Participant 

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Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund/Vermont Farm to Plate Network Work:

“EmpowR founder, Rae Carter, has a unique skillset that many others working in collective impact and social change movement spaces would benefit from. She not only has the ability to understand an issue at the systems perspective, but the skill to operationalize processes to effectively manage change and develop and communicate the most impactful messages for intended audiences. Rae developed communication systems, outreach and engagement strategies, and educational content which enhanced and continue to support the Farm to Plate Network’s implementation of Vermont’s food system plan (2013-2018), including her leadership role in creating and launching the Rooted in Vermont local food campaign.”
Jake Claro, Director, Vermont Farm to Plate Network at The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

“Rae conceptualized a grassroots marketing initiative designed to increase consumer demand for local food. Using her creativity, tactical guidance, and ability to mobilize networks, the Rooted in Vermont marketing campaign grew out of the Farm to Plate Network (2015-2018) and is achieving its goals. Rae’s creativity and ability to facilitate the communication strategy contributed to the impact Rooted in Vermont continues to offer the local food movement.”
Jane Kolodinsky, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Community Development and Applied Economics, University of Vermont

“When I first moved to Vermont, I learned about #RootedinVermont, a grassroots movement designed to increase consumer demand for local food. I was immediately drawn to the campaign, and wanted to learn more about the individual behind it. That’s when I learned about the work of Rae Carter, who was responsible for rolling out the campaign and making it a success (2015-2018). Her dedication, passion, and commitment to anything that she puts her mind to is absolutely remarkable. I have also had the opportunity to connect with her personally via social media and have been touched and motivated by watching her incredible strength and grace while undergoing a journey to health and healing. Rae has vision, perseverance, talent, and the fortitude to accomplish anything she sets her heart and mind on. She would be an asset to any entity or individual that seeks a motivating spirit and guide to help them achieve a goal.”
Amy Overstreet, Natural Resources Conservation Service/United States Department of Agriculture

“I had the pleasure of working with Rae during the five years she served as the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund’s communications director as well as the work she did with the Flexible Capital Fund, L3C (2013-2018). Rae was instrumental in helping both organizations find their voice and communicate strategically about their work. Rae is passionate about building a more sustainable world and her care for others and for the planet is integral to her work.”
Janice St. Onge, Flexible Capital Fund, LC3

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility:

“Rae brings compassion, experience, and collective wisdom to the work of culture change. She understands that in order to dismantle oppressive systems and structures, we must first transform ourselves. Her guidance and perspectives are invaluable as we navigate the journey of becoming an equity-centered organization, with deep personal impact for all involved.”
Roxanne Vought, Executive Director, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

“I served on the Board of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) (2017-2020) with Rae for several years and was impressed with her leadership as the board began to consider issues of equity and inclusion. Rae facilitated meaningful discussions among board members, fostering a sense of inquiry for myself and others. Through conversations with Rae, I became keenly aware of the strong link between board service, societal biases, and wealth and power dynamics. prompting me to write “Volunteering or Unpaid Labor – Board of Director Engagement and Compensation”, calling for boards to find avenues to compensate participants to enable more diverse representation.

Rae continues to guide my questioning of societal norms and learned behaviors, helping me to better understand myself and explore my place in this dynamic world. Working with Rae provides me with consistent engagement in thoughtful experiences that stimulate reflection, insight and growth.”
Jennifer Chiodo, former Managing Principal of Cx Solutions and Consultant in Hinesburg, VT

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Additional Kind Words:

“Rae Carter is a human of high integrity committed to authentic, wholehearted living—with a mission to help others activate their gifts for social change and cellular healing.”
Marybeth Redmond, former Vermont State Legislator

“Rae’s ability to reach deep inside and turn tragedy into a way to help others has been truly inspiring. Her vulnerability is both refreshing and inviting and makes her approachable with your own questions and challenges. I think one of Rae’s greatest gifts is an ability to listen deeply. She feels real empathy and asks questions that make you think without any judgement. Rae’s ability to focus on helping others, a gift she has been given through her experience with cancer, is one she has decided to share with us all.”
Mark Johnson, Journalist

“Rae is a person who brings together a unique package of vision, values, wisdom, experience, and skills. Combined with the powerful cancer healing journey she’s been on, this allows her to offer an array of services with a deep commitment to helping people and organizations to make the change that they seek.”
Eric Becker, Clean Yield Asset Management

“Rae embodies a special gift of empathy that informs her power to open space for exploring healthy communications. From my personal experience with Rae’s talents as a thoughtful speaker and writer, her clarity is refreshing and consequently motivating for a path to change. When you are lucky enough to connect with Rae you will be rewarded with a new lens on life that includes positive impact.”
Patricia Sears, NEKTI Consulting

“Rae has knowledge and wisdom about how to make things happen. She understands what hides below the obvious and she knows how to lure the important details to the forefront. She does this with compassion and support and has a heart of gold at the core of her business sense as well as her daily living. Rae helps people do better by bringing her vast experiences in business, life and health to a unique spot for each project she takes on. She is an asset to any project that needs clear and unobstructed thought for outcomes. She is a breath of fresh air and an important guide in the complicated world of health care.”
Lauren Parker, owner North Branch Cafe & former health care professional

“Rae offers a powerful voice as a cancer survivor and as a lifelong communicator. Her journey exposed the challenges facing cancer patients. She now gives voice to empowering cancer patients and making organizational changes to better serve this (and other) populations.”
Sarah Lemnah, Cancer Patient Support Foundation

“Rae is the embodiment of a “wise woman” who has processed her hardships into wisdom and is able to skillfully bring this wisdom forward in service to others navigating collective trauma.”
Retreat Participant

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