Voice Activation Class

Voice Activation Class

Power up you voice with courage and love to speak truth, advocate for your needs, and face fears when challenged by constricting power dynamics. This empowering class takes place on Sept. 26, 1-4 pm, outside and in collaboration with the dynamic Earth and Air energy of the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary.


  • Does your voice quiver and do you struggle to communicate your needs to loved ones, colleagues, and healthcare professionals?
  • Are you afraid to speak your perspective or truth in situations where your ideas differ from the dominant narrative?
  • Do you not feel heard and want to be able to contribute more of your wholeness to conversations?

The EmpowR Voice Activation Class offers a combination of somatic practices, vocal techniques, and group dialogue for an embodied experience to activate our throat chakras with power and heart. We will work with the breath, meditation, tension release, tuning, vocalizing, singing, and supportive conversation to harmonize the throat chakra with the rest of our body. By activating the voice in alignment with courage and love, participants will be better equipped to raise the impact of our voices in ways that are healthy for our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The class will conclude with integrating our experience on a walk in the woods where we will sing for the trees and release in the Voice Activation Portal.

This class is designed to support your ability to speak your truth, listen with empathy, advocate for your needs, sing with conviction, bring your voice into more conversations, and/or help you speak up when harm is being caused or when justice needs to be addressed.

Open to all identities,  ages, and abilities. Please let us know if you have accessibility needs that we can help accommodate.

We will gather in circle outside, embracing the elements of nature, under the trees and in the mountain air at the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont. Space is limited to ensure safe physical distancing in circle.


EmpowR founder, healing navigator, and culture change activist, Rae Carter, will facilitate this class and offer guidance for voice activation drawing from her own experience as a singer, speaker, advocate, truth speaker, and career communicator. Rae will combine voice training and communication techniques, vocal somatic and embodiment practices, and holistic healing approaches created during her cancer and trauma healing journey to support you in activating your voice and empowering your ability to communicate from the heart.



Date & Time

Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021

1:00-4:00 pm


The Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary is located in Plainfield, Vermont.

Location and Directions will be Emailed Upon Registration


Payment on a Sliding Fee Scale

$20 (marginalized identity/economic disparity)

$60 Actual Cost of Event

$100 (pay it forward – helps cover cost of sliding fee scale option)

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