Culture Change Cohort

We realize the intention of this event – to hold white people accountable for our behavior and where it causes harm to BIPOC and each other, and how that harm perpetuates the conditions of the toxic culture of white supremacy – did not reach people in the way it was intended. We take responsibility and are cancelling the event and refunding all money paid to participants. We will continue to find ways for white people, ourselves included, to be committed to holding ourselves accountable to dismantling the personal, cultural, and structural expressions of racism.

A Co-Creation Cohort to Challenge White Supremacy Culture

A learning series to disengage from harmful cultural assumptions and self-sufficiency expectations so our words and actions can influence a more just, inclusive, and compassionate society. Cohort sessions will be held Wednesdays, October 20 & 27 and November 3, 10 & 17 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM EST.


In this cohort, we will explore the threads of intersection where whiteness and womanhood can and do enforce the harmful expectations, assumptions, and norms of white supremacy culture. We will examine our own personal perspectives, behaviors, and responses to dominant culture and how we can make small changes that ripple into big impact.

White supremacy culture causes harm to our bodies, our lives, and our communities. It is imprinted in personal and cultural narratives, often without our awareness. Behaviors over time become culture, and so in order to dismantle white supremacy culture, we must first identify the very behaviors which support the toxicity of white supremacy. By working through a root cause analysis lens, we can unravel how the expressions of white supremacy culture play out in our lives, and examine how to co-create new culture by taking responsibility for our words and actions and finding our way back into our hearts.

Working with the characteristics of (divorcing) white supremacy culture compiled by Tema Okun and mentor Kenneth Jones, we will explore, in depth, the following expressions of and antidotes to white supremacy culture in how we experience the wholeness of our lives (personal/family/social/community/professional/spiritual):

  • Perfectionism to Diversity Appreciation & Shared Learning
  • Urgency & Unrealistic Timelines to Spaciousness & Flow
  • Fear of Conflict & Defensiveness to Personal Growth & Strength in Vulnerability
  • Transactional Relationships & Competition to Heart-Centered Connection & Collaboration
  • Hyper-Individualism to Collectivism & Interdependence

Email and phone support is available to participants from the facilitators throughout the cohort. Upon completion of the cohort, the journey continues with different pathways for different journeys, including opportunities to more deeply connect and weave with EmpowR and the growing web of interconnected communities committed to transformative justice.


All humans who identify as women, femme, and gender expansive, nonbinary, and/or trans people who also identify as white, mixed race, or as people of color who have been socialized around whiteness. If you seek to unpack and address the tension that exists by being raised, to any extent, as a white-passing non-male person in the toxicity of white supremacy culture, there is value for your participation in this cohort.

In doing this work, together we take a stand for racial justice, support race/class/gender/ability equity, and create more belonging and compassion in society.

The content of this series will include conversations about economic, sexual, domestic, racial, and other injustices and may trigger emotional responses. The facilitators are trained in holding safer space where trauma may present and will include embodiment practices to support our wholeness.


Workshop facilitators Jennifer Grossi and Rae Carter will draw on their shared experience navigating antiracism and decolinization journeys while engaging in the Great Turning as change makers, dialogue facilitators, and trauma survivors to help participants learn, share, release, and grow.

Rae Carter is a culture change facilitator, web weaver, healing navigator, and transformative justice advocate. She studies and practices with the Cultural Somatics Institute (founded by Resmaa Menakem, author of My Grandmother’s Hands) and is an Art of Navigating Change graduate from Rockwood Leadership Institute in Oakland, CA. She is the founder of EmpowR, facilitates educational programs and equity/belonging integration retreats, and supports people with individual healing navigation and intuitive counsel sessions.

Jennifer Grossi is a conversation facilitator, musician, theatrical performer, and educator. She facilitates The Listening Project, is an Allies to Accomplice facilitator at Mountain’s Way Sanctuary, and is a racial justice facilitator in community and educational settings in the Upper Valley Region of Vermont. She performs with David Rosane & The Zookeepers and is the founder of the Summer Street Music Series in Bradford, Vermont, which recently co-created the event Black Musicians Matter.

EmpowR is a minimal profit container for transformative justice work and reparations are continuously being addressed with energy, time, resources, and support of community building and collective impact efforts weaving among activists, changemakers, and underground leaders in health care, education, holistic healing, mental health, and the arts. All EmpowR facilitators have demonstrated a substantial and continual commitment to financially and energetically supporting and amplifying BIPOC-led endeavors. Payment for this cohort supports their ability to continue this work, and supports the viability of EmpowR as a container for cultural transformation.

Rae Carter Vermont facilitator

Facilitator, Rae Carter

Jennifer Grossi

Facilitator, Jennifer Grossi

Cohort Series Details


October 20
October 27
November 3
November 10
November 17

Time & Location

Cohort sessions will take place on Zoom

Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:30 PM

Registration will close at 10 participants.


Payment is for the entire series and is priced on a sliding fee scale.

$75-marginalized identity/financial hardship

$135-Actual Cost of Series

$200-pay it forward (supports EmpowR’s commitment to sliding fee scale for all programming)

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