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Ornella Matta-Figueroa

Ornella Matta-Figueroa

Ornella Matta-Figueroa (she/her) is a mother, disruptor, visionary, investigator and speaker of dissonance, scholar of resonance and connection. She is a certified wellness coach and co-director of SafeArt, an organization of trauma-informed practitioners who engage creative expression, mindfulness, movement, social action, and connection to the natural world. She holds an MPA, advanced certificate in nonprofit management, and integrative wellness coaching certificate. She has completed three years toward a Ph.D in mind body medicine which is on pause because of her integrity to the decolonization process given the restrictions of working on personal liberation within the ivory tower construct of mainstream education. Ornella is committed to praxis, to living the practice of liberation in all ways.

She leads workshops and facilitates discussions in Vermont and New York, for beings of all ages, on returning to wholeness, anti-racism, ego to eco, self-accountability, spirituality, decivilizing, and community connection. Storytelling, deep listening, witness, and love weave deeply into her work. She also co-creates coaching relationships with individuals and groups, offering different types of support including parenting strategies, mediation during conflicts and transitions, support with complex relationship dynamics, co-creating partnerships of all kinds, organizational development, leadership, self-accountability, and unconditional positive regard. Tarot, the human design system, and spiritualism are areas of study that also influence her approach to liberation.

As an energy worker and intuitive person in the world, Ornella is called to create spaces for healing, expression, connection, counsel, and integration. She is a whole hearted leader with experience in a variety of co-created non hierarchical and complex relationships both professionally and personally. She is certified in Dancing Mindfulness, a co-creator of Sacred Raves, and supports individuals as they develop interoception and challenge internalized supremacy culture. She finds most joy in creating containers for healing, using a mixture of spirit and research, and also sings and enjoys creating, sharing, and participating in music.

Ornella has dedicated her life to working with young people. She wants to create and support liberated education for individuals of all ages. She homeschools the little people who have chosen her as a mother and resides with her family, embracing a co-parenting model, in Greensboro, Vermont.

“This is my life’s work. I am committed to weaving connection, deeper awareness of self and others, and loving reflection everywhere I go. I live in retreat, integrating and healing every day.” ~ Ornella Matta-Figueroa
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