EmpowR Vision

Healing Ourselves to Heal the Heart of Humanity,
Transform Culture, and
Bring Balance to the Earth

EmpowR with Rae Carter to Co-Create Personal and Cultural TransformationAs human consciousness expands, we are coming back to ourselves.

We are embodied beings, re-establishing our roots in the Earth and remembering our ancestors in the stars.

We exist to love, learn, belong, and share the creative gifts from our hearts.

We are awakening to the truth that the structures and paradigms of dominant society were intended to harm some, and their very existence harms us all.

The divine feminine is rising—an energy that lives in all of us—and the reclaiming of our nurturing, compassionate, and intuitive wisdom is the source of healing for our bodies, minds, spirits, hearts, families, relationships, communities, land, countries, world, and planet.

As we reach for the light, we remember light can only exist with the dark.

  • Darkness is the creative power of transformation.
  • We are being called to listen to the messages that live in our shadows, for they will guide us home—back to our hearts.
  • We can restore our sacred connection to the Earth to live in harmony with the cycles of nature and shift away from the greed of capitalism and toxicity of oppression.
  • We can release our addiction to fear and shame-based consumption and instead build supportive community, empowered by inclusive leadership.
  • We can shine in our beauty as we share our gifts and then rest and slow down to make space for others to rise, moving away from constant growth and wealth for some while others suffer in the wake of exploitation and exceptionalism.

We are magic and it is everywhere. We just have to believe. Many of us have more resources than others and it is our responsibility to share, take care, and be aware of injustice, harm, and the misuse of power. Once we are aware, it is our continued responsibility to advocate for equity and justice, diversity and inclusion and recognize when we are silent—we cause harm.

We are responsible for our individual and collective behavior.

  • We are being called to engage in personal and ancestral healing work, to heal from dis-ease and generational trauma and in doing so, restoring compassion for ourselves and with each other.
  • As we learn to listen, unlearn and break free from the expectations of dominant society, we relearn to live in reciprocity with the Earth.
  • We are being called to step onto individual paths of healing and with our growing shared commitments, we can transform our culture to one of love, hope, dignity, and respect for us all, with integrity to our relationship with the soil, water, and air that give us life.

EmpowR supports the expanding web of personal and cultural transformation by co-creating with bridge builders, change makers, rainbow warriors, and web weavers to center healing and social justice as we envision and create a new world.

Learn more about how we bring impact to this vision with culture change approaches, facilitation services, healing navigation and intuitive counsel sessions, and educational programming.

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