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EmpowR co-creators work with communities, organizations, social movements, and the health care system with facilitation, culture change services, and educational programming.

EmpowR Sunburst

Rae Carter, founder of EmpowR, supports people on their healing paths and with personal and professional development by offering healing navigation and intuitive counsel sessions as well as virtual and in person workshops (depending on COVID safety protocols).

EmpowR Sunburst

Collaborators and co-conspirators interested in co-creating with EmpowR are encouraged to initiate a relationship with Rae to see what magic might spark to weave webs, build bridges, and inspire change making!

“I had the pleasure of working with Rae during the five years she served as the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund’s communications director as well as the work she did with the Flexible Capital Fund, L3C. Rae was instrumental in helping both organizations find their voice and communicate strategically about their work. Rae is passionate about building a more sustainable world and her care for others and for the planet is integral to her work.”

~ Janice St. Onge, Flexible Capital Fund, L3C

  • Are you navigating cancer or another long term illness diagnosis or recovery and seek support to help you advocate for your needs and find balance between conventional and holistic health care? 
  • Are you struggling with burnout, grief, loss, anxiety, and/or stress and seek guidance with how to connect with your intuition to guide you on an empowered direction in an unraveling world?
  • Are you feeling challenged by so much rapid change and the implications in your personal and/or work life and how to approach social justice

Healing navigation and intuitive counsel sessions are offered to people seeking support on their personal healing, self-growth, and decision making paths. Sessions are offered by Rae Carter, EmpowR founder, who approaches each session with deep listening, feminine intuition, Earth-based spirituality, and a diverse and informed knowledge base to empower people to connect with confidence, courage, and self determination. Sessions differ based on your health background, intention for the session, and the type of session you feel will be most supportive at the time. 

Rooted in a depth of perspectives to serve people in times of dynamic change, Rae created healing navigation and intuitive guidance sessions drawing from her personal experience healing from cancer and trauma; background in human behavior and organizational communication; studies and practices in reclaiming her medicine womxn ancestry and gifts; and a systems thinking / root cause analysis approach to navigating change. Rae integrates listening and embodiment practices, vocal and cultural somatics, and a social justice paradigm to her work—as it is safe and accessible—recognizing the deep layers of complexity that exist for people.

  • Are you working towards creating healthy, resilient, accepting, and connected communities?
  • Are you cultivating community engagement to encourage respect and understanding of multiple perspectives?
  • Are you gathering individuals to share safer space and deepen inclusive relationships?

EmpowR offers heart-centered, safer space facilitation to unlearn and relearn listening practices, foster inclusive dialogues, strengthen community relationships, encourage equitable decision making, resolve conflict with courageous conversations, and address polarization with compassion. Working with council process and circle practices, honoring indigenous approaches to communication, EmpowR facilitation helps build synchronicity around shared intentions with accountability to the impacts of our voices and behaviors. By bringing new voices and perspectives to conversations about how we shape our changing culture, we honor our diversity and support equity, engagement, and interdependence in communities where people live, work, play, create, and heal—in both physical and virtual spaces.

EmpowR facilitation and culture change services support community engagement and workshops can be developed to support specific community objectives and intentions. Community leaders may also be interested in receiving additional support through an intuitive counsel session. 

  • Are you transitioning to a more inclusive, compassionate, accessible, equitable, and relationship-based culture while letting go of silos and norms that cause harm?
  • Are you seeking to engage different audiences in heart-centered and courageous dialogues with respect and dignity towards multiple perspectives?
  • Are you encouraging action to influence and shape our rapidly changing society, culture, and systems to support more equitable distribution of wealth and power?

Sustainable organizational culture and effective, compassionate communication are interwoven in inextricable ways, and never before has their interdependence been more apparent than with the unraveling effects of COVID and the unveiling truth of white supremacy culture. Organizational healing begins with a heart-centered and holistic lens on change management and root cause analysis that is inclusive of internal and external voices, behaviors, and perspectives.

EmpowR offers facilitation, culture change services, and guidance to adapt and navigate change with trust and compassion. EmpowR works with nonprofit organizations, holistic and integrative health associations and councils, educational and health care institutions, and socially responsible or mission-driven businesses interested in changing culture and systems that align with social and healing justice. 

EmpowR centers co-creation and collaboration with equitable participation from employees, stakeholders, and audience to authentically align culture, values, mission, purpose, communication, and direction forward with perspective to the opportunities that arise from a rapidly changing paradigm. 

  • Are you looking for co-conspirators to support visioning, creating, and building our new world that celebrates our shared humanity with joy and love?
  • Are you seeking bridge builders to support cultural transformation and systemic change for equitable redistribution of power, wealth, opportunities, and resources?
  • Are you connecting with web weavers to bring healing and harmony to our relationship with the Earth and shining a light on the integral role of nature in healing ourselves to heal the world?

Co-creation and coalition building in culture change movements are at the heart of transforming our economic, educational, political, and societal systems to abolish racism and improve collective resilience to global pandemics and climate change while addressing all of the layers of intersectionality. EmpowR was birthed during Rae Carter’s personal transformation catalyzed by cancer and trauma, initially peeking into existence just before and during the initial outbreak of COVID, and is re-emerging as a rainbow of clarity to support personal and cultural transformation. 

EmpowR is calling in people connected to movements, coalitions, and web weaving containers committed to the shared work of healing our individual and collective trauma, deepening our connection with one another, and fostering systemic change to bring our people and planet into a relationship of reciprocity and belonging. 

Rae holds the space for EmpowR as a container to approach intersectionality in collective impact frameworks that center social equity and ecological resilience working towards one collective movement—to heal our humanity and restore balance on the Earth.

  • Are you looking for new kinds of patient wellness and advocacy support to enhance compassionate care and holistic approaches in your health care work?
  • Are you seeking partnership support to integrate conventional and holistic medical practices that are inclusive of nutrition, plant-based, embodiment, and energy medicines?
  • Are you working in health equity and interested in connecting with collaborators to address the social and environmental root cause factors of dis-ease?

A compassionate and transparent healthcare system that is able to serve all members of society with respect, dignity, and equitable care and resources is a shared intention for so many disconnected voices in a fragmented system. EmpowR is uniquely positioned to convene and facilitate multiple stakeholders in culture change work that prioritizes justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion dialogues. EmpowR is also available to support forming stage associations or councils to align around a shared purpose and collective voice to be included in larger, systematic healthcare conversations.

EmpowR founder, Rae Carter, offers healing navigation and workshops for people seeking support as they navigate between allopathic, integrated, and nature-based health care and options. Rae is a cancer and trauma survivor with a background in herbalism and organic food; Earth-based community wisdom; multiple healing modalities, and personal experience navigating a health crisis. Her career background in strategic planning, facilitative leadership, organizational management, human behavior, communication strategy, and content development identifies her as a powerful and solution-based voice to health and healing coalition building and change making.

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“When I first moved to Vermont, I learned about #RootedinVermont, a grassroots movement designed to increase consumer demand for local food. I was immediately drawn to the campaign, and wanted to learn more about the individual behind it. That’s when I learned about the work of Rae Carter, who was responsible for rolling out the campaign and making it a success. Her dedication, passion, and commitment to anything that she puts her mind to is absolutely remarkable. I have also had the opportunity to connect with her personally via social media and have been touched and motivated by watching her incredible strength and grace while undergoing a journey to health and healing. Rae has vision, perseverance, talent, and the fortitude to accomplish anything she sets her heart and mind on. She would be an asset to any entity or individual that seeks a motivating spirit and guide to help them achieve a goal.”

~ Amy Overstreet, Natural Resources Conservation Service/United States Department of Agriculture

EmpowR Sunburst

“Rae has knowledge and wisdom about how to make things happen. She understands what hides below the obvious and she knows how to lure the important details to the forefront. She does this with compassion and support and has a heart of gold at the core of her business sense as well as her daily living. Rae helps people do better by bringing her vast experiences in business, life and health to a unique spot for each project she takes on. She is an asset to any project that needs clear and unobstructed thought for outcomes. She is a breath of fresh air and an important guide in the complicated world of health care.”

~ Lauren Parker, North Branch Cafe, former healthcare industry professional