Convening Heart-Centered Dialogues

EmpowR designs spaces for communication and facilitates with a nurturing, grounded and embodied practice that is inclusive of the diversity of voices impacted by the conversation. EmpowR facilitation fosters deep listening and mindful presence to support sharing perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, and ideas with open hearts and non-judgmental minds. A deep commitment to mitigating and repairing harm, EmpowR creates a safer space container that invites people to show up as their whole selves and invokes dialogues where all participants can be seen and heard.

EmpowR works with circle process and council practices, honoring the indigenous elders who have kept Earth-wisdom communication alive for more people to access as we co-create a more just and compassionate world. Circle and council facilitation supports equitable dialogue across power and wealth disparities and serves as both a healing modality and communication framework for how we work together to address challenges, find solutions, and navigate culture change in communities, organizations, institutions, social movements, and throughout society.

“I have had the pleasure of working with EmpowR’s founder, Rae Carter, through the years. Her creativity, professionalism, and warmth have always made these engagements enjoyable and beneficial. She’s an excellent communicator and dedicated collaborator on projects. Working with Rae as a facilitator for the Vermont Story Lab summit created a powerful, emotionally moving and transformative experience for participants.”

~ Becky Holt, Committee on Temporary Shelter

EmpowR Facilitation Services:

Coalition Building and Collective Voice Advocacy

Collaborative and Ethical Storytelling

Decision Making and Conflict Resolution

Human Resources Change Management

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Facilitation

Listening Practices and Inclusive Dialogues

Network Development and Collective Impact 

Organizational Development Collaboration

Relationship and Community Building

Small Group Engagement and Focus Groups 

Strategic Planning Collaboration

Support Groups and Meditation Circles

EmpowR works collaboratively and is committed to unraveling silos, not perpetuating them. EmpowR’s founder, Rae Carter, is available to build and weave with existing organizational and project partners or can expand support with one or more EmpowR co-creators.

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“The greatest suffering can come from a lack of sense of belonging. When people feel seen and heard, can be who they are, and are valued for their gifts and contributions, they feel like they belong. When people feel belonging, they have more capacity to ripple compassion into the world, rather than shadowing the harm that comes from rejection. Holding space for people to be in their hearts and listen to each other without the urgency to solve a problem on a timeline will solve more problems than any timeline can plan. Holding space for uncomfortable conversations and learning from the roots of conflict empowers the healing of relationships and the ripples are felt everywhere.”

~ Rae Carter

“EmpowR founder, Rae Carter, has a unique skillset that many others working in collective impact and social change movement spaces would benefit from. She not only has the ability to understand an issue at the systems perspective, but the skill to operationalize processes to effectively manage change and develop and communicate the most impactful messages for intended audiences. Rae developed communication systems, outreach and engagement strategies, and educational content which enhanced and continue to support the Farm to Plate Network’s implementation of Vermont’s food system plan, including her leadership role in creating and launching the Rooted in Vermont local food campaign.”

~ Jake Claro, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund