Communication Counsel Sessions

Communication Growth & Professional Development

Communication counsel sessions are offered to people who are seeking support with interpersonal, group, and/or organizational communication techniques and transitions for shifting away from white dominant cultural norms.

Sessions are creatively designed to hold a vulnerable container for unlearning, relearning, and accountability to impact for our words and actions. Sessions bring awareness to how white supremacy culture infiltrates all aspects of how we communicate with each other, and how to approach self examination work to reverse the trajectory of harm. Emotional support and embodiment practices help bring you into your body and out of intellectual frameworks so you can approach communication growth and development from a new perspective.

EmpowR founder, Rae Carter, offers sessions drawing from ongoing lessons in anti-racism journey, decolonization, and trauma work. Rae integrates her career background in communications, marketing, and public relations with current cultural shifts to provide communication counsel in support of transformative justice. Her ongoing training and practice in equitable and empathetic communication, embodiment and mindfulness, racialized trauma and culture somatics, community-centered leadership, and transforming our relationships with each other support you in communication counsel sessions for personal and professional aspects of your life.

Communication counsel sessions at the EmpowR forest sanctuary in Vermont
Communication Counsel Sessions Provide:
  • Approaches to culture change that prioritize relationships and dialogue, and how to advocate for and enact communication norm shifts.
  • Creative solutions for crafting new narratives and releasing harmful stories and assumptions.
  • Practices that center equity and belonging in interpersonal, small group, and team communications, and how those changes ripple into community conversations and organizational dialogue.
  • Strength and courage to stand in your power, speak your truth, and communicate your needs in work, home, family, or community life.
  • Deeper listening skills to strengthen relationships and proactively engage in unlearning and relearning.
  • Exploration of changes to language and how to embrace constant adjustments.
  • New perspective to approach challenges, change, and opportunities in your interpersonal communication with personal and professional relationships.



Sessions are offered on a Sliding Fee Scale:

$30 – marginalized identity/economic disparity

$70 – low income discount


$160 – Pay it Forward (helps cover sliding fee option)



Sessions are 1.5 hours each and are offered online via Zoom OR in person at Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont. You can choose which options works best for you after you schedule, anytime leading up to the session

You will be asked to fill out a short question questionnaire when you schedule to help Rae prepare for your session.

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Life happens! Please try to reschedule with 24 hours notice if possible. There is no cost to reschedule. Refunds for cancellations available with small fee to cover credit card costs up to 24 hours in advance. No refunds for cancellations within 24 hours of appointment.

“Rae is a person who brings together a unique package of vision, values, wisdom, experience, and skills. Combined with the powerful cancer healing journey she’s been on, this allows her to offer an array of services with a deep commitment to helping people and organizations to make the change that they seek.”

~ Eric Becker, Clean Yield Asset Management

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