Culture Change

Building, Creating & Weaving a New Culture

The harmful culture of dominant society exacerbates polarization, exclusion, inadequacy, greed, and compassion fatigue rather than living from our hearts and belonging to each other. The unhealthy pace of society, incessant growth and activity, a false binary narrative, and the traumas that have been passed down through the generations have stripped us of our humanity. Our collective suffering is so deep that we inflict pain and harm onto others without even understanding why.

Yet, we have the power to change. To change ourselves and to change the norms of a patriarchal, white supremacy culture which harms us ALL. Culture change is a challenging, uncomfortable marathon. It is also empowering, beautiful, restorative, and can bring joy into our hearts. It is the time for healing our hearts, minds, souls, and spirits; the time for healing our relationships with the Earth, each other, and ourselves.

EmpowR Culture Change Services:

EmpowR co-creators work along the continuum of centering healing and social justice to co-create personal and cultural transformation. EmpowR’s approach to culture change is centered in restoring compassion for ourselves and each other by healing personal, ancestral, organizational, and cultural trauma. As we restore compassion for ourselves and each other we learn to listen, unlearn the expectations of dominant society, and relearn to live in reciprocity with the Earth.

Culture change services reach into different entry points of this work in the form of:


Change Management

Communication & Engagement Strategy



Listening and Emotional Support

Organizational Development

Providing Counsel & Perspective

Strategic Planning

The time to engage with EmpowR is very early on in a change cycle process or anytime navigating change and addressing culture becomes a key priority.

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“Rae brings compassion, experience, and collective wisdom to the work of culture change. She understands that in order to dismantle oppressive systems and structures, we must first transform ourselves. Her guidance and perspectives are invaluable as we navigate the journey of becoming an equity-centered organization, with deep personal impact for all involved.”

~ Roxanne Vought, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

Co-Create Change with EmpowR:

Culture change is a dynamic concept, addressing major shifts in our homes, communities, and workplaces as well as at the systems level. EmpowR’s commitment to culture change aims to build and weave alignment and intersectionality with a far-reaching web of change makers to co-create a more beautiful world. A world that nurtures our ability to collaborate for the empowerment of a more community-centric, sharing, and compassionate culture where we can all thrive as wholehearted individuals.

Bridge Building

Let’s build bridges together! Across all of the barriers and all of the obstacles. Let’s unite strategic thinking and innovative technologies with the powers of the divine feminine and sacred connection to Earth wisdom and build bridges between the two worlds to co-create the new. Let’s collaborate, co-create, align around shared intentions, get out of our egos, and make some magic!

Change Making

Let’s raise the impact of our voices for change! Especially when it’s uncomfortable and disrupts the status quo. Let’s speak up for justice, advocate for equity, demand diversity, and actively engage in inclusion. Let’s get out of our comfort zones and hold space for more people to make the changes they need, even if it’s hard. Let’s own the impacts of our behavior and take responsibility for our emotions. Let’s heal our minds, bodies, souls, and spirits!

Web Weaving

Let’s weave webs and networks! Create communities of practice so we can learn, unlearn, and relearn together. Let’s heal our witch wounds and sister wounds and let go of competition. Let’s stop working in silos and expand our webs, connect with those with similar visions and be inclusive of differences! Let’s hold space for all ways the divine feminine rises and weave locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Let’s co-create the medicine of unity!

Initiate a Relationship

Trust your intuition and ask yourself, is it time to connect? If yes, let’s talk!
Let’s Talk

“Do you have a rainbow in your soul?
Have you healed enough so you feel whole?
Are you rooted in the Earth, Aligned with the spirit of the Stars?
It is time to weave the healing web
All hues of color and a myriad of threads
Nurturing energy it’s time to unite
With the strength of love we will take flight.
Bridge Builders, where are you?
Let’s lay the paths between the we’s and you’s
Web Weavers, do you hear the call?
Let’s find each other one and all.”

~ Rae Carter

“Rae conceptualized a grassroots marketing initiative designed to increase consumer demand for local food. Using her creativity, tactical guidance, and ability to mobilize networks, the Rooted in Vermont marketing campaign grew out of the Farm to Plate Network and is achieving its goals. Rae’s creativity and ability to facilitate the communication strategy contributed to the impact Rooted in Vermont continues to offer the local food movement.”

~ Jane Kolodinsky, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Community Development and Applied Economics, University of Vermont