Wise Womxn Community Weaving 

Wise Womxn Community Weaving

An afternoon to build trust, relationship, connection, and support in our shared work to co-create a more just, inclusive, and compassionate culture. Outside and in person on Friday, Sept. 10 at the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary.


An opportunity for activists, healers, educators, communicators, counselors, leaders, and visionaries to gather in community, deepen connection, and strengthen the web of transformative justice. Open to anyone who identifies as woman, femme, or non-binary.

We will sit in circle together, on the Earth, and honor equitable communication practices so we can all have the opportunity to share and be heard. The intention is to strengthen the web of womxn committed to healing ourselves to heal the world by building relationships, trust, and sharing our challenges, needs, and inspiration so that we may support one another. Bring contact cards and any informational materials about what you might be working on to help us weave connectivity in our personal and social change focused efforts.

There were several layers of input to determine the timing for this and future web weaving circles. The decision to hold this during “professional” work hours is because while this event is both personal and professional, EmpowR challenges the norms of fitting in connection with womxn as something that must compete with family time and be outside the scope of work time. Hopefully this can be viewed as “professional development” time, and can serve as a way to advocate for the time and space for relationship building with womxn, supporting us in our personal lives and in our shared work to change culture.

Please feel free to bring a snack or lunch if you need to eat, a baby if you are breastfeeding, and a child if need be if they can safely entertain themselves nearby.

We will gather outside, under the trees at the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary in Plainfield, Vermont. EmpowR founder, Rae Carter, will hold space with light facilitation and safe space agreements to help us all gather and convene as womxn weaving the world anew. 16 spaces are available.

COVID Update: This event takes place outside, in the mountain air, rain or shine (under cover). Space is limited to ensure safe physical distance in circle. Please bring a mask and wear it if closer than six feet apart at anytime at the event.

Circle Details

Date & Time

Friday, Sept. 10, 2021

12:00-3:00 pm


The Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary is located in Plainfield, Vermont.

Location and Directions will be Emailed Upon Registration


16 Spots Available. Please offer Payment on a Sliding Fee Scale – $10-$40 per person.

Paying it forward helps support EmpowR’s commitment to equity.

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