Affirmations & Testimonials from Colleagues & Clients

Jennifer Grossi, Vermont musician, facilitator, and culture builder

Jennifer Grossi, Vermont musician, facilitator, and culture builder

About The Listening Project

“The Listening Project is important to our community. If we are willing to listen to divergent points of view, really listen with an open mind, we find out we are not that far apart in our beliefs. It is a healing experience in a time when many forces are working to keep us divided.”
—Holly Young of Bradford, Vermont

“When discussions (or arguments) went in circles because we were both saying the same thing the way we knew how to say it, and the other person kept hearing the same thing but not understanding, the Listening sessions broke that cycle and got us to a better place of understanding. Once that communication barrier had been broken, we both listened with an understanding of where the other person was coming from, and we finally made progress. I appreciated the sessions very much.”
—Brent Bartlett of Lyndonville, Vermont

About Summer Street Music Series

“Can’t say thanks enough for what you do to keep music ALIVE! and THRIVING!”
—Jean Butler, Director, Arts Are Essential Inc. of Acton, Massachusetts

“You are doing great things for the community and for musicians generally.”
—Gerry Rosenthal of Bradford, Vermont

About Music and Performance Education through D&J Music

“My daughter attended your wonderful music camp show at Thetford Elementary School on Friday… very magical! We loved the show, the kids, the staff… all very cool and personalized at a rare level.”
—Allison Shutz Moskow, Norwich Vermont

“I begin to cry when I type this, because Jenn’s class so empowered me in the presentation of my work. My poetry is my inner being, and to be more fully and powerfully present when sharing it with others has been such a gift.”
—David Tucker, Chelsea Vermont

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