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Disrupting the status quo, advocating for systemic change, and transforming culture requires collective action from many people working at all levels of social change–much of which lacks funding.

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Co-creating a more just, inclusive, equitable, and compassionate society involves rebalancing wealth and power systems which are inherently not structured to compensate people for the work that disrupts these very systems. 

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Wealth and power systems exclude participation in leadership, which leads to uncompensated time and energy to ensure new voices and different perspectives are heard in systems and culture change conversations. 


EmpowR’s founder, Rae Carter, is dedicated to sharing her gifts in service to collective liberation. Her proximity to injustice fuels EmpowR’s commitment to equity, fairness, advocacy, and change making. She has earned a seat in leadership for systemic change even if—and especially because—her life circumstances led to dis-ease, downward economic mobility, discrimination and rejection in the workforce, and the aftermath of mental health, social exclusion, and financial insecurity trauma.

EmpowR’s sustainability partially relies on monthly financial contributions to support the uncompensated time, energy, and work Rae offers as a change maker and volunteer leader as well as being able to prioritize equity in EmpowR offerings.

By joining the EmpowR Patreon Community, you are fueling the EmpowR vision and voice to co-create personal and cultural transformation by centering healing and social justice and you are a part of co-creating change!!

Your Patreon membership helps pay for the following bridge building, change making, and web weaving actions:

  • Publishing the EmpowR Voice Blog as a container to raise the impact of woman’s voices for change.
  • Supporting biodiversity, organic herb production, sustainable wildcrafting, land regeneration, and healing spaces at the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary centered in reciprocity with the land and EmpowR community.
  • Prioritizing accessibility over profit so that all people who wish to work with Rae in healing navigation and intuitive counsel sessions as well as attend educational programming are able to do so with generous sliding fee scale pricing, turning no one away because of economic hardship.
  • Rae’s engagement co-creating networks and bridge building for collective liberation. Rae offers time and energy to support shared visions for a new world, connects people with resources, and opens opportunities for people in social change and community leadership spaces.
  • Rae’s continued commitment to show up with integrity in diverse and challenging spaces with the time and energy needed to help her stay healthy and engaged in healing and social justice work with an open heart. Reciprocity is returned to Rae for all she offers without compensation by people who are able to support the EmpowR Patreon Community.

Additional ways to offer support include subscribing to the EmpowR Voice newsletter and engaging with @RaeCarterEmpowR on social media channels by liking, commenting, and sharing the content far and wide.

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“Rae offers a powerful voice as a cancer survivor and as a lifelong communicator. Her journey exposed the challenges facing cancer patients. She now gives voice to empowering cancer patients and making organizational changes to better serve this (and other) populations.”

~ Sarah Lemnah, Cancer Patient Support Foundation